Project 365: Day 15

Published January 28, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today, went to Staples to send out Jessica's gift as well as the Dentek nightguard but we found out that they don't send to PO boxes so we went to CVS to pick up a new nightguard (since I know those work for me) as well as pick up some things that we needed.  

Came home finished up the laundry, wrote to Marie which will go out tomorrow.  Later on, we gave Princess a bath.  Wednesday she goes to get her teeth done (poor girl's got teeth problems) and we wanted her to have her bath before she went there.  I had to take a shower afterwards and I needed Tony's help with Princess to get her dry most of the way.  You should see her, she looks sooo very tiny ^_^ so cute.

I haven't read/commented on posts yet in awhile either sorry about that guys but I need to work on letters (if you aren't in my LJ penpal community,

 you'd know that I have 4 that I need to write) so that's what I'm off to do now.  I finished Jenny McCarthy's book “Life Laughs” good book!  I really enjoyed it!  Well I'm off to write some letters and relax.


by me


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