Project 365: Day 14

Published January 27, 2008 by sadistickitten


Today, I worked on requests for

because I wanted to get them done so I could put up a new one.  I do plan on putting up a new one soon and of course I needed to fill the other ones first.  I know I said that I'd make the picture post this weekend however, it's FREEZING cold outside and snowing still (ligthly but still snowing) or I would've done the picture post already.  I will do it this week however so I'm not being lazy or don't think that I've forgotten.

 Have you ever noticed when you're stressed out or someting, your computer knows it and screws up!?  This time it wasn't my computer, it was LJ!  I made 3 posts in 

to post the goodies and well I couldn't get it to work.  Good thing that I own the place huh?  ^_^ 

Yesterday, I read my “Life Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy and I'm almost done it.  I plan on finishing it after I get off the computer.  I am so happy about it yet sad all at once because it's a good book, anyone who wants to read something funny and not offended by swearing nor are you uptight, you should read it.  However if you are those things, stay away from that book you won't like it.  

My hand's a bit sore tonight to write any letters but I will work on them tomorrow.  I have finished Liana's letter so that will go out tomorrow.  And I need to send out Jessica's package/gifts as well as send my nightguard in to get another one because it didn't fit right.  I have the reciept, the guard, and the piece of paper that is required to request a refund or replacement.  I plan on sending it out UPS at Staples at the same time I send out Jessica's because it needs to be there in 21 days after purchase & it's already been 2 or 3 days now.  

Tony called me a trash picker because I had to get the reciept out of the trash.  It's funny because I usually keep ALL reciepts.  Trust me on this, I have an accordiane folder that I have of them in.  If you'd like to see a picture of it, let me know I'll be glad to show you.  I am always paranoid that I will need to return (now I'll be even worse, I'll probably keep the grocery reciepts just in case I need to return something purchased there not food).  

Tonight, we are watching Dane Cook's comedy act on comedy central.  We watched Tony's Lewis Black comedy routine on there last week so it's only fair.  It's actually nice because we'd normally watch Desperate Housewives which is of course on strike right now due to the writers.  Well it's getting close to the end of Tony's shower and I feel gross so I am going to pop in and take a shower now.  Take care all, hope you had a good weekend.  

PS: Anette, sorry I am STILL not finished the email to you but I needed to fill requests and now I need to relax from being on the computer pretty much all day.  Hope that you understand. 

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