Project 365: Day 13

Published January 26, 2008 by sadistickitten


Today, Tony went to his poker event because today was the finals.  So after entering my contests, and finishing up a letter to Liana (missed the mail coming & he came early for a saturday) I decided to workout a bit then clean up the house (since I was already sweaty from running into the house from getting the mail–it was freezing outside).  I cleaned the insides of the windows (our turn out so you can get to them without breaking the glass) plus I also cleaned the oven, high dusting, clean the floors, clean the bathroom, and did the dishes.  Sounds like it wasn't too much but it was rather a lot.  

Then I called my dad to find out what time he was coming to drop off Jessica's order (won't say what it is til she gets it ^_^) and we discussed 6pm.  Took a shower, read for a long time, worked on supper, had sirlon burger soup (my parents used to have that all the time when I was growing up, it's like coming home).  Read while eating my soup and my dad came over and took the stuff that we had for him as well as I paid my dad for Jessica's order.  We talked for a little while before he left to go back home.  Apparently, my mom's really sick still.  My dad brought her to the doc's on Friday and they said it has something to do with her being diabetic but from what I've heard my dad and mom talk about, it sounds like my mom's got a flu.  She can't keep anything down and she's feeling worse every day.  That sounds like the flu and NOTHING having to do with her being “diabetic.”  My dad's so stressed out about it too 😦 poor daddy, I feel so bad for him. I mean after all, he does love her so seeing him upset over it makes my heart ache.  He just doesn't know what to do and my mom's doc isn't helping at all.  They should've run tests at least, that's ridiculous.  *hugs dad*

ate yogurt with some m&ms (to me, yogurt tastes NASTY but if I put something in it, it tastes really yummy) watch some tv (only tv I've watched all day) and then Tony came home.  He even noticed that I had cleaned the house so that was cool.  He talked about his poker stuff and he showed me a hand where he wished he stayed in on!  It makes you wish that you could stay in every pot to win…oh well.

Now I'm off to update my mail community

 as well as leave feedback for my recent ebay order.  Take care all.  Have a good night.  I feel so good today!  Oh and I LOVE that “life laughs” book by Jenny McCarthy. 

by me


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