New Idea For A Community!

Published January 26, 2008 by sadistickitten

I was thinking that instead of making into a maker community, I could come up with a new community where my close personal friends could make with me in it, and it would also be invitation only! I could have me, (nothing in gold just thinking), meredith (we still talk through facebook), and a few other friends that I have in my journal. What I'm asking here is if other makers would consider that? If you don't, please don't think I'm offended by it at all, I'm just asking.

Well I hope that everyone's having a good weekend. Tony's gone to his poker tourney and I'm feeling icky (my period's coming soon BLAH) so I'm off to write letters & relax today. I'm almost done all the requests for the community, I should have them all done soon I'm just taking a break from them right now.

by me

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