Leave Me ALONE!

Published January 24, 2008 by sadistickitten

Oh my god!!! Those fuckin' bitches & assholes over there have decided to KEEP replying to my posts that I've made there where I can't even delete my post as well as I can't even see it! Wtf? Don't people have better things to do with their time then bother me?! Guess not, they're got no life nor anything that's why they keep bothering me. Fuck off you assholes. Even if I COULD comment to the posts, I sure as hell wouldn't comment on it either. Can't people fuckin' grow up?! Get over yourselves for ONE second.

Gesh! And I also deleted the graphics that I had posts there because well why keep them if those bitches aren't going to keep me there due someone being a nosey bitch and all then telling like the bitch that she is. How immature are you?! Grow the fuck up, you are fat & nasty, get a fuckin' life. Sorry needed to vent.


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