Why do I have to explain?!

Published January 23, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ok so you all know that I said that I won't be making any graphics with usernames anymore? Well I got someone asking “I'm just curious why don't you want to do usernames anymore” excuse me?! What did she say?! I have the right NOT answer that, but I just told her that I actually normally don't make blinkies with usernames and I forgot to put that when I posted my freebie this time (which won't happen from now on). I think it's incredibly rude to ask a maker why I don't want to make usernames anymore. I have the right to decide whatever the fuck I want. It's just like asking me “why don't you want kids” it's a rude thing to say and it's not like I'm going to say why I don't, it's a personal decision of mine.

argh! I'm off to play some games, my brain is STILL fried from last night and this bitch who's asking questions is only going to get herself put on DNML if she keeps it up! And now there's an issue with where we can't post any new offerings in there. Great it's probably because they don't like my attitude on my no usernames rule. I have a fuckin' right to put whatever rules I deem neccesary. Those bitches kick me out of that community for this and won't let me make, hell I know a lot of places that will let me do it. It's always something….

EDIT: If doesn't watch herself, she's going on my DNML. She KEEPS asking I understand you don't do usernames but I don't understand why. I flat out told her, I don't have to explain myself to her and no offense. Because you know what, I don't. The LAST thing I deserve is some bitch from a blinkie community telling me what I can or can't do about MY fuckin' rules. Respect them or don't request from me, it's that simple. If she still comments, then I'm going to put her on my haters list. She really doesn't want to fuck me this morning because I'm NOT in the mood! Oh and she also said “the only time that I request is WITH my username, I never use my real name.” I wanted to say why are you trying to hide from someone? Or I wanted to say, that's nice for you and this matters to me how? GGrr the nerve of people! Just as stupid as telling someone they need therapy. Yes because it's good for everyone *rolls eyes* bs.

Question: If you plan on marrying someone, how can you if you 2 can't live together? Please explain this to me!

Oh and I'm saying that it's not sad about Heath Ledger but if I hear ONE more time how he died or anythign liek that, I'm going to kill someone!


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