Published January 23, 2008 by sadistickitten

 I don't even feel like entering my contests I'm too poed right now.  I also will opening up pretty_pixel & sadisticjenn soon with new stuff that I plan on adding to my gallery.  Tonight I was going to clean the house but fuck that!  I don't feel like it right now, I guess I'll watch some movies to calm me down and color in my coloring book ^_^ that's a great stress reliever!  Oh I also have put the journal entry that got me into oh so much trouble PRIVATE. That way, they can't get me into trouble with LJ. NO proof now.  

I'm really worried right now, and I know others might be thinking why?  Well I for one, I feel like I can barely trust anyone.  I have like 10 people on my trusted list right now out of 63 that I don't.  HUGE difference huh? A few of them are credit journals so those don't count but still.  The others are friends with the other girl and still others, I don't know if I can trust.  Do you know how it is to feel betrayed like that?!  It sucks and people wonder why I don't have many friends. Yes I do realize, “now you know whom your true friends are” that's all well and good here but I thought that I had!  I also already have a hard time trusting others.  Put it this way, it took me almost 8 years to marry Tony (ok we've been married now a little over 2 but still you get the point right?) because I wanted to make sure that I didn't make a mistake.  

Oh my god, wtf?  Some stupid bitch decided to come to MY fuckin' community and write “I came across this on accident” bs.  My

 but she was like making this public BLAH BLAH!  She had NO clue that it was going to be screened ^_^ fucker!  Why do people have to come to MY community and bitch at me.  I actually didn't read it, all I did was I saw that and I deleted it.  Great so I'm going to have fuckers coming to my personal journal to bitch to me about “how I talked about the community” when they don't even have the FULL facts behind the story.  

I never bad mouthed the community at all.  And I'm still not, just saying anything about how terrible the COMMUNITY is.  I'm saying that I don't appreciate what the girl did to me by her “turning me in” bs.  Plus the owner of the place not letting me explain myself then going on about I'm a terrible person bs.  Never said I hated the community, I don't like either of those people that's all I'm saying.  I made a post in

 to say “reminder post” about this community being invite only (it's always been that way) and now because of the “stalker” bitch, I've made it so ONLY someone who's part of the community can post.  No biggie right?  Nice when she comes to MY community to tell me “how dare you say that bs & etc” you had no right.  The funny thing is, I never said anything negative about the community, just a person in it.  And that has nothing to do with the community.  Others can bitch about usernames in their journal but apparently because I am “bitch” in their eyes, I no longer can unless I filter it a lot.  Seriously, what the fuck is this world coming to?  I won't be posting the 365 today, I'm taking a day off and the photos will come later on when I'm over this bs drama.  GESH, why me?! WHY ME?!  

Fuckin' cunts!

Oh and I'll be posting an entry for others saying “HIATUS” you guys that can read this entry, please feel free to ignore.  It'll just explain why I'm not around for them to read my entries.


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