GAG ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published January 22, 2008 by sadistickitten

AHH!!! I HATE doing blinkies with FUCKIN' USERNAMES!!!!!!!!!! My new rule in is NO usernames UNLESS you're on my loved list, then you can but I'm TOTALLY burnt out of them right now. If I see another request with a username in it, I'm going to kill them!

That is all for now. If you couldn't tell, right now I'm currently working on requests for because I need to get them done. Ggrr just seriously SHOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got 6 more to do THANK GOD, then I'll be posting them in a new entry. FUCKERS! ARRRRHH! Ok my eyes are burning from making them but I need to finish as I'm almost done. When I am done, I'm going to read and TRY I say TRY because I don't know if it'll happen or not, I'm going to try to relax.

Take care all, and thanks for listening. PS: Did you know that Dirty Dancing is an old movie? Yup that's what I was told today. Can you believe it? When I think “old movie” I think I don't know something BLACK AND WHITE. God the youth now adays I tell you! How fuckin' rude to call me old you bitch!


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