Project 365: Day 9

Published January 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today I did the laundry, and went grocery shopping.  Got a bunch of stuff now our fridge is filled again ^_^ we're all set now before we were about to die *laughs* just kidding.  Later on, I plan on writing letters so I get at least another one done for tomorrow.  Earlier, when we went out I sent out a letter to Sanni and now I need to finish up Heidi's & Maiju.  

It's freeeeeezzzing here!!!!!!!!!!!!  Put it this way, it's 19 degrees but feels like it's 7 and there's a wind chill!!!  BBBRRRR!  Good day to stay indoors, read, relax and have a good time!  Avon order should come in tomorrow through my mom, they won't be able to come over till the weekend so Jessica's birthday gift will be late.  Princess is currently sleeping on it ^_^ the other part that I got for her that is.  I would send that out already but I want all of it before I send it out.  Sorry

 it's going to be a bit late.  

Tony wants to go out eat tonight, he's not feeling so good today.  He's a bit stressed over work and what not over work and what not.  I need to get ready to go out since I'm exactly wearing something that would be appropriate to eat out.  Is my entry that I did yesterday, I was edited it last night & forgot to put it public ^_^ ops!

Oh and if you'd like to participate in what I take pics of for my pic post, please do so soon because I'm going to post pics soon.  Here's the link to it:

by me


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