Project 365: Day 6

Published January 18, 2008 by sadistickitten

Made shephard's pie for lunch YUM!  The rest of the pics before show what else I did today.  It snowed a moderate amount today but lightened up during later on in the day.  We got a good mix of different things too!!  Princess was all over me today while I was reading my book it was soo cute ^_^ Tony took a pic of it and video but I didn't upload it yet.  I will at another time and post it in here, she did somethign cute earlier and wanted to show everyone. Well I got to go now, off to make supper I'm starving.


Below are a few other pics of lunch ^_^

Finished this earlier, now I'm on “princess in training”  I also ordered the last 2 books that I need to finish the series.  They weren't too expensive and one was purchased with an ecertificate ^_^ plus I also got one with my 25% off code.

product that I'm trying

stickers that i got in the mail ^_^ & sanni's letter

allure giveaway win ^_^

got this at only 2 dollars due cash that I had left over ^_^ you can never have too much makeup

I was going to send one to give one to my sister before this whole thing of cousre I won't now and it's too big to mail & knowing my luck it'll get ruined.  I can't break apart the set, sorry sissy šŸ˜¦ hope you're not mad, they're too cute together!!!  

Missing 2 photos because I might be sending those to a few penpals.  Although, some of them I KNOW can't stand HK so I might use that for them, I haven't decided just yet. 

by me šŸ˜€ 

I have a few things that I'll be posting in


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