Project 365: Day 5

Published January 17, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today I did the laundry earlier in the day (got up early too) and the grocery shopping due tonight around 9pm we're getting snow coming in and it's going all the way into tomorrow.  Then tomorrow we're having rain & more snow plus sleet that's why we wanted to get everything done today.  I might also clean tomorrow while we're again “snowed in.”  Didn't get anything in the mail today, I didn't write any letters yet to send out (that's why I haven't updated my community) but I'm working on a letter to Aurora and I hope that will go out tomorrow.  

Last night, went to mall and finally used my gift cards at JCP.  I ended up getting 5 things there; a purple sweater, velor sweatshirt with matching pants, white shirt, and pink shirt.  I only paid 15 dollars in the end out of my pocket which is rather good ^_^ I had a coupon for 15% off that went up today so that was cool!  Checked out HT, Claires, and a few other places but I didn't really see anything that I wanted.  Well gotta go now, working on supper.  Tony's angry because the guy from the WPT hasn't bothered to send him back his signature as well as the email letting Tony know that he's signed it.  GGGRR what an ass!  Plus he's poed at me because I didn't take care of something, he's just upset over the other thing that's why.  He'll get over it.  When we came back last night, we watched america idol & reno 911 ^_^ I LOVE watching the auditions those are wicked ass funny to see these losers since & what they wear.  Gotta love it ^_^

Well take care all

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