*points to icon that's for my sister*

Published January 15, 2008 by sadistickitten

I figured since I haven't updated in awhile I should probably go ahead & do that.  Since Saturday, things have been better than my episode with my fake sister.  Sunday I did the laundry, wrote to penpals, made pork chops, had yogurt and working on graphics for communities.  I have yet to post them in communities but I will do so soon, just want to write more letters first.  I actually might do that tonight.  Other then Tony'a free rool on Sunday, nothing really happened at all.  But I did talk to my mom about what my sister said at the party on Saturday.  She said that my sister was acting very sympathetic, I don't care what the hell she says I still say that my sister doesn't mean ANYTHING she says.  The ONLY thing that she misses was not getting gifts for Elizabeth, not me nor Tony.

Thanks to Sarah's post about cleaning out her closet, that's exactly what I did the other day.  Felt good to purge stuff that I didn't need anymore.  I've actually been losing a lot of weight (don't know how much but put it this way, my pants KEEP falling down so I need a belt with them YAY) lately but my chest (because it's all fat) won't go away no matter how hard I try.  I work out, eat right but still it's pretty damn huge.  So I got rid of shirts that were kind of tight when I first got them or they shrunk in the washer/dryer due to the laundry mats being so damn old that you've got to put them up higher.  

And I got rid of a bunch “kid shirts” that I really don't wear anyways and now I've got all “adult” shirts in there.  I mainly got rid of shirts, I did get rid of 2 pairs of pjs.  One was a full pj set of HK but I had to get rid of it, I had that thing for like 5 or 7 years, something like that.  I love it but it's pretty darn small so someone else can have it.  I didn't get rid of any jeans because I just got new ones and there's only one that's old but I wear those around the house & what not. If I'm cleaning, doing the laundry, or we just stay home & not leave the house I like to have as my dad would call them “house clothes.”  It's nice to have sooo much more room in my closet and drawers!  

Yesterday we didn't do much at all but deal with 14″ of snow that we had!  Crazy huh?  Yeah I think so as well.  Today we went to Friendlys in leominster & got a free sundae with my chicken strip basket ^_^ YUMMY!  After that, went to the registry to renew Tony's license where I read my book but it didn't actually take that long at all.  Came back, worked on my letters and finished Katie's which will go out tomorrow.  I plan on reading some before I go to bed because I'm almost done the book and I can't wait to read the next one ^_^ woohoo I'm such a book whore but that's neccesarily a bad thing is it?

EDIT: I called my parents tonight because while writing to katie, I thought about it I haven't talked to them since Saturday & it's been a few days so I wasn't sure how he was doing.  Well my mom's still got her sinus infection 😦 and my dad's got it too PLUS he's now got a fever of 100!!  That's right, my dad is sick as a dog right now!!  He also has reynaurs' (poor circulation like me) so his hands & feet are cold or numb.  He has to wear sox & gloves.  Poor guy huh?  

While on the phone with my mom (forgot to ask about Jessica's gift, shot!  I'll have to call her tomorrow to find out if it came in yet), she told me that once again my sister was asking my mom if I called them to tell them that we couldn't make it to the party (*rolls eyes* sister's trying to check up on me to see if I am indeed telling the truth wtf?  She has NO right to do that shit anymore consider what she did).  And she also told me that my sister got the card for Elizabeth and said thank you to my mother wtf?  She did what?  She told my mother thank you for a card that I SENT not my mom that's pretty fuckin' rude if you ask me.  Not only that but my mom said “she got back late” that's why she didn't call you.  What?  It was only 7pm when I called my mom!  My sister ALL fuckin' day to call me, that's fuckin' bullshit. Once again, my mother makes excuses for my fuckin' sister.  I can tell whom she likes better.  I don't get it.  

How can she justify that?!  Plus she told me that my sister's liver is now 97% or something like that, grown back (this is from last year when she had her liver problem & was the in the hospital forever) which I could care less about.  I know that sounds rude and assholy of me but I don't give a shit about what my sister's ANYTHING did.  Seriously, why does my fuckin' mother think I'd care about my sister? Because I don't.  I don't care to hear ONE thing good nor bad about my sister.  I really could care less, that women (my sister) is evil & nothing my mother nor anyone else will tell me will change my mind about that.  Ggrr fuckin' pisses me off.  God, I can't wait to fuckin' move!

I commented & read all posts that were recently made from people so I'm all caught up now YAY!  If I didn't comment, does NOT mean that I didn't read it.  Just mean I didn't want to write “coolio that's awesome, you rock, how cool” I wanted real comments so I didn't bother commenting if they were to be lame.  My nose is a bit stuffy lately 😦 must be the change in weather.

Well I'm off to read some entries, take care all!







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