Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

Published January 12, 2008 by sadistickitten

The title was a song that was on a litlte while ago, I couldn't think of anything else for write for a subject line ^_^ 

Today is the day of Elizabeth's birthday party which of course, we had plans not to go to before christmas but even more now the whole thing happened.  I talked to my mom this morning (ended up waking up early EARLY this morning due to Princess hitting & trying to open our bedroom door plus meowing like a crazed cat) about my dad wasn't going to Elizabeth's party because he was sick.  Apparently, he has what's going around as well as a sinus infection (my mom's got one too).  Talked to her about what I was going to say to Malinda just to make sure that it sounded good.  

Worked on a bunch of blinkies for everyone to offer up in different communities just have to edit them and post them to the communities.  I had fun making them too so I can't wait to offer them up which will be soon since most of them are valentine's day offers.  I didn't make anything but blinkies, when I get a chance I'll look up some cool PSP tubes of Valentine's day so I can offer those as well.  

I called my sister after 1pm (had planned to call her at 12:40pm but I totally forgot, well not really but I'll tell you in a second) and said to her “Tony & I can't make it (totally forgot to say “can't talk long” darn) something's come up.”  Then she said something that blew me out of the water because I wasn't prepared for her to comment.  She goes “oh I hope that you two are alright” I had NO clue what the fuck to say to that one.  Because like I said, I was prepared for her to say NOTHING.  So I said “yes we're fine but we just can't make it.  I gotta go.”  Damn it.  She always fucks things up.  Don't let the “oh are you guys ok” bs fool you, she is NOT sympathetic, that woman doesn't know what sympathy is if it hit her in the face!  So that right there annoys the living fuck out of me.  I was actually shaking, my hands were because I hate dealing with her fakeness plus her just generally.  I never thought I'd feel so neutral towards someone as I do with her. 

The reason that I forgot to call her at 12:40pm was because I was making lunch.  I cooked food from scracth and it felt good!  I hadn't done it such a long time but having to deal with her, I lost my appetitie and had to put away most of my meal.  But I have left overs for tomorrow right?  Which I plan on eating tomorrow since tonight I want some pizza ^_^ been craving it.

Tony's been playing in a free roll tourneys today, he got kicked out of the first one pretty quickly but this one he's still in right now.  I also finished Marie's letter which is cool because I wanted to do that.  I hope to finish Megan's tonight as well or tomorrow so it'll go out with the mail Monday.  Monday we're actually getting some snow again 😦 boohoo!  

Well I'm STARVED because I didn't eat too much for lunch (I actually ate breakfast this morning because we were up before 6am) so I'm off to start the oven and then start working on the blinkies then I'll eat, write to Megan, work on blinkies again then watch the pats game at 8pm wOOt!  Take care all, hope everyone is having a good weekend!  😀 what's everyone's doing?

by munedest 


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