New Freebies Coming!

Published January 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Working on new freebies for the 2 places, I'm actually putting them together as we speak but I have yet to edit them but when I do they will be offered in the communities.  😀 Oh and I ordered the last bit of Jessica's birthday gift, the first one hasn't even been shipped yet  but I did order that one already.  I called my mom to order the other part of Jessica's gift.  Plus I wanted to remind her that make sure that she tells Malinda that I did call her to let her know that Tony & I won't be making it to the party tomorrow.  Other than that, it's raining here which sux because it kind of makes me depressed but it's better than snow.

I need to write the rest of Liana's letter today and get it out for tomorrow as well as finish up the graphics and work on supper.  Take care all, I read/commented on all posts that were made since the last time that I read/commented on posts.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Does anyone have any plans?  Tomorrow other than skipping Elizabeth's birthday (we all know why & if you don't, I don't care to get into it) party that they're having tomorrow on her birthday (need to call my sister) and Tony's got a poker freeroll that he's playing then at night, it's the AFC playoffs with the Patriots & I'm a fuckin' patriots gal so you KNOW that I'll be watching it!  Sunday Tony's got another freeroll as for what I'm doing, that's up the air right now.

Well Tony wants to the dishes put away so he can start take care of the steak for supper YUMMY ^_^ good day all. Monk's on tonight YES, then the soup!  Sweet!

EDIT: You know you're old when you say this “do you want sex?”  “nah I just showered” ^_^ Because showering has become something annoying and pain to do again.  We get so lazy when we get older.






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