News On The Penpal Front

Published January 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

Just in case others might not have read the entry that I wrote at my community or they haven't friended it yet I have written all my letters but Danielle's hers I got a bit tired writing and had to take a break which I'll continue again tomorrow.

Today we were going to go out to Linen 'N Things to get new sheets however Tony had a lot that he had to do with his site & we went to bed early last night so we ended up getting up when it was dark outside in the wee hours of the morning. Had breakfast around 6am & watched Heroes online. We're already done season 1 from netflix. ^_^ Next is the last episode till it comes back on the air in the future.

Nothing else has been really going on lately. I bought 2 shirts one black & the other white that I got as a good deal online at I love these & so does Tony. These are great because you can use them with sweaters, by themselves, have stuff under them & I've seen SO many people wearing these types it's unbelievable. So these are super comfy & warm!

I need to send out a few birthday cards to a few people that have birthdays at the end or in the middle of this month. They'll be going out soon, maybe even tomorrow. My parents have decided to not give my sister & Jason as much gifts as they've been giving. ^_^ YAY so that's cool. They're sick of the shit that they pulled christmas on me (not gloating at all, just love how kharma works that's all) as well as their attitude towards anyone who's not Aliskevicz! Things do happen for a reason!

Well that's about it that's going on.  I'll let everyone go so I can read in bed before we sleep because that's the only thing to calm my nerves lately.  

Take care, if you wrote any blogs/entries today, I'll be sure to read/commnet on them soon. 

by swtnss


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