Busy Day

Published January 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

Late last night, for some reason a website didn't work & Tony and I have done EVERYTHING short of reinstalling my computer to get it up and running on my computer.  Tony's computer can get it to come up but mine won't so I spent most of today saving them to Tony's hard drive, making it shared then uploading them to various photo sites today and saving things just in case something happens to my hard drive (still currently doing it) so that's why I haven't commented/read your posts but I need to write a few letters tonight so HOPEFULLY tomorrow I'll be able to finally read your posts, I'm sooo sorry that I'm soo far behind.  I'm off to see if I need pick up any graphics that I requested.  Take care all!

EDIT: So I lost a bunch of work that others made too 😦 because I just got sick of saving.  I'm sore & tired, my hand hurts so I might not write tonight I'll read instead.  Sometimes when I put graphics in here, might not any name under it's because I don't know whom made it due to all the crap that I went through but all the credit is in my credit community for the makers.

by grey_faerie



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