Rant For Today

Published January 4, 2008 by sadistickitten

Feel free to ignore if you don't want to but here's just my rant for today. Now for everyone whom wants to read this…

Ok so I commented on someone's LJ post about wanting a new penpal & because she looked at my user info or whatever she “thinks” that she knows me. She thinks that I'm one certain way and I HATE that about people. They're so closed minded themselves that they don't bother to open the door to others. Granite, she's a pagan but why judge someone just on their user info? She clearly doesn't know if she thinks “well she's too perky” because everyone has a dark side and those that hide that side are nuts. You need to find a good balance. Why can't a pagan person not like me? I'm not religious nor do I care to be and I'm very open to other people's views. Seriously, why wouldn't someone want me? GGRR What I'm upset about is that why do others judge other people that they don't know. I am not judging her but she clearly judged me as some holy than thou person who's perky all the time. My friends used to call me Pheobe because I was like her, had a dark side to her and she airy. I'm not really angry about it, I just hate when others have you pegged like you are one certain way or etc. How can you judge unless you ask the person questions & what not. Stupid isn't it?

Ok rant over.


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