Published January 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today my pain really started with my leg, I'm having problems sleeping because I keep tossing & turning ops so I lean on it and man does it kill! But that's to be expected right? After all I did hurt it pretty badly & the bruises are just showing up on the other leg ggrr I'm such a klutzy gal. Woke up early today again, but not as early as Tony did.

Entered my contests at noontime without any problems (that was nice actually) called up my mom to tell her that I can't use the shower gel & stuff that she gave me because of the feminiate problem (let's just leave it at that ok?) that I had when I was using different types. Plus she told me that my aunt had that surgery on her & the docs told her it was because of feminiate products that irriated her so yah basically I gotta watch out. No worries I know how right? Also thought of something about my sis' visit on new years, my dad noticed my earrings (or made a point of saying it which ever) were new the snowmen & a bit after that my sis got up & they said they were leaving. HA HA!

Take that sucka! Oh and my mom also told me that they're going to be reducing on what they spend on them as well but not Elizabeth because it's not her fault her parents are assholes & idiots (not her words mine). So that was awesome to hear because I guess not only is my dad FURIOUS with her over this whole stunt but my mom is VERY hurt & annnoyed. They didn't raise their daughter to do that, this is beyond mean of them. Still doesn't make me gloat, just makes me feel better that yes kharma is coming back to bite her in the ass for everything she's ever done. It's funny because my sister's so worried about anyone swearing around Elizabeth (like she won't hear them from kids at school) but it's ok for her to give someone a used item(s), I don't get that logic do you?

Today, other than that went out to eat at TGIFridays' and once again they screwed up on my burger. Ok, now that I've ever had one there but every time I order from ANY resturant, seems like they screw up my order some how. I don't like cheese nor anything else on my hamburger (yup I'm weird like that) just the hamburger & the bun. How hard is that?! I don't understand how almost every time I get a hamburger they screw it up. I seriously have NO luck.

The reason that we went out eat is because Tony's got the deal with WPT. They have finally hashed out the deal where he will give them advertising & he will get a free ticket to an event. How cool is that? But he doesn't get the ticket it's going to someone else 😦 However, having the WPT on his site realy could make a lot business not only for him but them as well so hopefully this will make us a ton of $. I can hope can't I?
While we were out, went to Target because I asked Tony if we could so I could check out the christmas stuff reduced. I should've went there sooner because I could've found more HK items reduced but I mainly went to check out the $1 section for HK items which this time I didn't find ANYTHING. How depressing but I did buy a bunch of stuff. Mostly cards for penpals, birthdays & what not. Man are cards getting expensive now!!! I bought quite a few HK ones for a few people I needed to as well as a special card for someone but I won't tell you whom she is because she's on my list so she'll know whe she gets it. ^_^

Other than that, nothing too much going on here. I need to write the rest of my letters & I'll finish them up soon I promise. I just got like 6 of them all on the same day so it's hard for me write you back but I'll do my best to write everyone back asap. Today we took a nap a little while ago so I didn't get any letters written today sorry but I did get out a letter today. Maybe tomorrow I'll get another one, we'll see. Slowly by slowly I'll get your letters written & out in due time. I did take a short break from letters during christmas & new years because I needed time to myself. Oh and I'll also read/comment on blogs soon too, I just need to write more letters first ok? sorry all about the delay, hope that you understand.

take care & have a good night. Oh and today the tempature was 9 degrees & tonight it's like negative 11!!!!!!!! Crazy isn't it?

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