damn it!

Published January 2, 2008 by sadistickitten

Well it's not a real update but I'm writing this first, woke up this morning feeling better about the malinda situation (yup that's what I'm calling it now) but still a bit tired.  Decided to start the laundry earlier because I wanted to get it done before noontime (yup it's the contest time again ^_^) well that went ok till I got back from putting it into the washing machine.  I was walking down the stairs and I FELL on the last few steps (it's been REALLY slippery for awhile now with all the snow & ice we've gotten lately) I was holding on to the railing thinking “don't fall, please don't let me fall” guess no one was listening to me because I fell.  I didn't just fall like a normal person, I fell on my knees down the steps.  Which I ended up scraping my legs/knees which caused a few bruises to form on my left leg in 2 different parts.

I'm ok for the most part, I can walk and all but it hurts like hell to move my legs or knees (scrapes are on my knees too) plus it also aggravated my ankle (left one that I injured a few years ago when I was still at the hospital) it's probably just due to how I fell why it hurts to very badly.  It's also swollen as hell too 😦 feels like it firs did as well as swollen like it was then.  Tony took some pics of it just in case we need it for insurance purposes or something.  He also told the landlord about it just in case he needed to report it or whatever.  No we are not going to sue him (we don't want to lose the apartment over this) but it's good to have proof and let him know.  Our landlord told us that if I have to go to the doc's office, to let him know about it so he can tell the insurance guy.  Tony also took care of the rest of the laundry & even put some deicer down that they've got upstairs (I knew something like this would happen because they never seem to take care of the stairs that get really icy & slippery) and the landlord came down & put some more down in other places after Tony talked to him.  I should be fine to walk & stuff tomorrow, it's just swollen & it'll take a little while to heal that's all.  It's just funny how when I was falling I was thinking “please don't let me fall” and I did.  GRR 

On other news, all my letters went out Tony took care of them for me ^_^ I'll write another entry about what happened with my parents next. Take care all.

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