Moving On

Published November 26, 2007 by sadistickitten

I'm feeling much better now about the whole thing, I think it was a good and a bad thing for me to go.  I mean after all, those things make you realize what's really important.  Showing them that I am different plus I've changed, well that's not important to me anymore.  But I think I needed that to go on you know?  As if it was a neccesary evil.

Today wans't too excited at all.  I woke up late because of my cold and I talked with my sister & asked if she had plans on Dec 8th at 5pm because I wanted to celebrate my birthday then.  I told her that I'd made supper for us and said that if things change with the time and day I'd let her know because I left a message on my parents answering machine to find out if that was ok.  If not they'll call me back and let me know differently.  Other than that, nothing really happpened…well other than….

I finally got all my christmas cards written up ^_^ and they'll be sent out tomorrow when we do the shopping or when we go to my eye appointment we'll see how it goes. We're supposed to get freezing rain in the morning not sure how long it'll last so I might have to change my apponitment and all.  I haven't started Aurora's letter yet but I wanted to get out all my cards first since a lot of them go to further places and I wanted them to have it before it was too late and the mail gets any slower than it already is.  My motherboard SHOULD be coming tomorrow, as long as the weather doesn't fuck it up we'll see how that goes.  

Well take care all I'm off to play seasons.  night!

by goodgal996 @ SD


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