Published November 25, 2007 by sadistickitten

I wanted to wait till I was bored and I am so here it is:

go to google images

-type your answer

-pick an image from page #1

-post! 🙂

1- Your age on your next birthday.

2- A place you'd like to travel to: 

3- Your favorite place:

4- Your favorite object:

it's got a J in the picture, how perfect huh?

5- Your favorite food:

6- Your favorite animal:

7- Your favorite color:

8- The town you were born:

9- The town where you live:

10- Name of a past pet:
never had a past pet
11- First name of a past or current love:


12- Your nickname or screen name:

13- Your first name:

14- Your last name:

15- Your middle name:

16- A bad habit:
 didn't put down picking my nose, just so you know!
17- Your first job:

18- Your grandmother's name:

19- Your major in college:


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