Happy Thanksgiving!

Published November 22, 2007 by sadistickitten

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hey all!! I know that others have written entries but I'm sorry I'm tooo tired to read and comment but I need to write to get this stuff out today before I go to bed. We decided not to go to the football game, we woke up to 60 degrees outside and fog. We decided not to go because we really wouldn't be able to see the game on the field anyways. Watched the thanksgiving day parade instead at 9am and I saw HK super cute ^_^ YAY I also bought the keychain of the balloon the other day but I have yet to recieve it.

Most of my new computer (did I tell you that already?) is mostly here but of course like always the motherboard isn't here yet GGRR. But I'll just have to wait till next week when I get my stuff from sanrio as well here. I finished Angie's letter while watching the parade (gave me something to do) but I was really distracted sorry Angie but at least I've finished it. I need to do the laundry tomorrow ICKY because I have a feeling that a shitload of people will be there due Friday a lot of people either have off or they're having a half a day or something.

Went over my sister's house and Elizabeth was just as she always is, so no surprise on her actions (you can just guess right?). I can NOT believe how spoiled they treat her and Jason with his “I won't let her become spoiled” bs, I just wanted to kick him hard for even saying that. An example would be when Elizabeth decided to take her cup of water and dump it ALL over the floor as well as herself TWICE. That's right, not just once but TWICE. Wtf? Am I the ONLY one that sees this?! Nope, I'm not Tony saw it too and my dad saw it which I saw the look on his face like “once again Elizabeth is being treated like a brat what's new” look. Man I can't wait til we move to NC so we don't have to see or bother with these people any longer or very much for that matter. But that's nothing new with her at all.

But luckily for us, Elizabeth fell asleep while drinking her water so she was out for most of the time that we were there. That was pretty though. I like them better without Elizabeth because I think they rushed too fast to have her and all. Whatever whatever those are my feelings that is. Oh what else?! hhhmmm Dinner was good but the turkey was a bit too dry, Jason didn't put tin foil on it when he was cooking the bird or put juice on it but it could've been worse.

Other than that, we had a good time. My mother was a bit tooo dramatic because she burnt her hands *rolls eyes* always something with her. Jason was being pretty damn brutal to me and I didn't like it. I basically ignored him (man I can't wait till we're away from these assholes) but still it was really bugging me. He's got NO (nor my sister) right to try to tell me to; 1. get a job (if Tony wanted me to, I would've told him to do so. That's between Tony and I NOT Jason & just because he's wishing that my sister had one or that she had a kid in the first place, doesn't mean that he has to bark up my tree about it) 2. making comments about me getting on the insurance (I have my fuckin' license and right now with Tony not working ok he is but from home, I don't see the point of putting me on there when he is always around. Now when we move to NC I will get myself added. 3. My sister incinuating that I will get diabeties. She was like “well you have to have your sugar checked all the time.” I'm like do I look fat like you?! Let me think for a minute….hmmm NOPE, get off my case just because your doc tells you that doesn't mean mine will say that.

My sister trying to say that she was doing yoga and acting like she's the only one. I've been doing yoga for 6 years now!!! Hello?! I know ALL about it, she's like well I've lost 20 or 30 lbs. I am not trying to be mean but there is NO way that my sister lost weight. She might've lost 5 or 6 but there's NO way in hell she lost 20 or 30 lbs I'm sorry but she's way too big still to say that (if you saw her you'd know that she's lieing there). Now recently, I've lost a lot of weight in the past weeks/months and it's got to be closer to 30 lbs if not more. I no longer have the extra fat underneath my chin, my arms, thighs, tummy all are tiny. Jason DEFINATELY lost weight but Malinda, no way. I hate it how she lies to my mom JUST to impress her. I mean can't my family tell that I've lost weight. Even my dad thought so.

Put it this way, my pants that were a bit tight on me (my dress pants) are now falling off my waist and no belt of mine is keeping them or were really keeping them up. I feel great, I need to keep up the good work and keep eating good as well. Tony & I have been more “active” together (*hint hint*) and I've been doing my workout, plus I've been eating healthier and I really think that helps a lot. I don't eat much sweets but from time to time I do. Tony EVERY night has a dessert, me VERY rarely. I've also been using my firming lotion to help me firm my skin and MAN does that help as well. I will look soo smokin' when I'm at my reunion it's unbelievable! I can't wait to show off my hot body! ^_^ I'm not bragging about my weight loss but I just hate it how fake my sister is. I'm not so good with meditation and stuff or clearing my head but I am going to get a dvd from netflix so I can make sure to that I know how to do it correctly.

For the first time in A LONG time, I feel like I've been eating better and exercising too. But the main thing here is that, I've been eating better and I feel like I've been making correct choices. I make sure to eat veggies with every meal (if not 2), apple sauce with every meal, more liquids (of course I probably should drink more water, I'm working on that but slowly but surely I'll get to the right amount) and not eating many or any sweets very much, drinking juice, milk, and taking my daily vitamins. All of which have been approved by my doc, she said that taking my daily(since I was anorexic), calcium (because I'm getting closer to my 30's and I'll need more calcium intake for my 40 when menapause kicks in), vit c, and omega 3 (since I don't eat much fish or other seafoods).

So I am right with what I'm taking and if others say something they can just kiss my ass. I know what I'm supposed to do and what I'm not supposed to do. She told me to try to not eat too much carbs (but don't count my calories nor my carbs–common for anorexic people to go back to their old ways, I know this oooh too well), and be sure not to eat too much sweets which I don't either. From time to time I do but not every day or even that often either. I am soo proud of myself and when I don't get to eat any veggies I make sure to have an extra omega 3 tablet that day (if we were away from home and all i.e at Foxwoods). Well I'm off to drink at least 2 glasses of water I'm starting to get heartburn (I've got a very fast metabolism all of a sudden, within like an hour or so after I've eaten I get hungry again and my stomach's empty). Plus I'm stressing out about tomorrow the reuion AH! I'm soo very nervous. Take care all, I hope that everything goes well. Tony and I will be both bringing out cameras just to be sure that we've got enough room on my stick. Oh and I've started reading “what is my cat thinking” and it's rather good. I'm learing a lot about cats that I didn't know, definately a good read for all cat lovers or owners.

Love you, I'll read/comment on posts on Saturday like I said. I'm too tired and nervous to read them right now.

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