Published November 21, 2007 by sadistickitten

Personal Note:
If you're wondering why I don't do LJ links in my journal is because I'm using rich text and whenever I use the wizard thing, it screws up my page so from now on, I'll be just writing whom I need to credit in here instead of putting a link.  I hope that's ok, I tried but every time LJ fucks up my entry for NO reason other than that.  

Is everyone having a good thanksgiving week (well the ones that celebrate it that is)?  I hope so.  I've written all my letters to people BUT Angie's.  I should have hers written and out for Friday, all hoping that does work that is.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is TOMORROW WHOA!  What the hell happened?!  I mean it's now 2 weeks & 2 days till my birthday (I checked out my tickers in my profile) which is rather freaky as well.  Not saying that I'm afraid to turn 29 but how many times have you heard girls saying “I'm 29 again” a lot.  I won't be one of those girls because frankly I hate those women and not to mention I look a lot younger than I should for my age.  But still I have to admit, it does feel weird.  Also having a husband who's going to be 31 in Feb. is also strange to me.  I mean where does the time go?

Christmas shopping DONE!  This year, because things happened last year (I don't care to get into it because it was rather annoying and depressing) we are giving money to people instead of buying them gifts.  It's easier as well because less gifts to wrap and less people complaining (my sister) about their gifts.  The only people that aren't getting money are my parents.  I already bought my dad's marilyn calendar (long story), garth brooks cd, self help book about clutter (my parents DESPERATELY need that), tobey keith baseball from Vegas, Yankee Candle candles (for mom), as well as a diffuser, bath stuff, etc.  

I haven't done any christmas cards yet but I have to take out the rest of my parents gifts out of storage on Saturday (Friday I'll be too busy getting last minute details together for the reunion–taking extra naps because I'm exhausted right now) plus I have to get the christmas cards that I have out there as well.  Since all our other christmas stuff it already up, I don't need to put up the tree (YES, we kept it up all year round), nor do I have to put up the christmas items because they're already out there.  

Made the cupcakes today and they smell YUMMY!  I'll take some pictures of them later on because I'm too lazy right now (get into that one later *wink*) plus I filled requests in sadistic_treats, & I painted my nails, dyed my hair (I'll show a pic of it later in the entry).  We finally watched kids nation this morning while eating breakfast (Tony went out and got us breakfast from Friendlys).  Ended up having sex ^_^ YAY we both needed it, and man am I tired still from it *LOL*  A little bit after breakfast, we took a nap because we woke up early (thanks to Princess she's such a menace) and we didn't wake up till after 6pmish.  

Other than that, today was pretty boring but we both needed the nap.  Watched kids nation tonight together & kitchen nightmares.  Tony dealt with an asshole on the forums and he sent emails to him saying “add me back asshole” because Tony banned the guy.  Yes becuase did you know insulting someone would make you want to let them back in?  Is this guy for real?  I didn't read/comment on posts that were made due to being extremely tired but I'll get to them on Saturday since Friday is going to be a day to get other stuff done for the reunion.  What do you think of my hair? 

Take care all.   Hope everyone has a safe & happy thanksgiving!

here's what I look like now, I actually like it!  I would've taken the pic without my glasses on but I look tired and stuff so I figured this looks more punk anyways *LOL*

by kandysmindfreak



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