Snowy Days Are Napping Days!

Published November 20, 2007 by sadistickitten

Yesterday I had my dentist appointment to have my teeth checked out since it's a new dentist (our new insurance doesn't cover the old dentist that Tony & I had) so I didn't have a cleaning or anything just a general check up.  They took xrays and talked about my teeth plus the fact that I grind my teeth.  I told them that I got a mouth guard that I love at CVS.  He said that if I like it so much he might tell his girlfriend about it.  I love it so much I forget that it's in all the time *LOL* Set up an appointment to get a cleaning done in the new year.  Plus I'll need a filling but I had THE best dentist appointment that I've EVER had in my life.  I'm not afraid of the dentist but normally I get told that I have this or that wrong.  But I've been using the electronic toothbrush, fluroide mouthwash, and trying to floss.  I'm such a good girl now!!

I finished 2 letters, one for Kristy & the other for Sanni & they both went out today YAY!  I only have the letter for Angie left to write so that'll be cool.  ♥ *hugs* Oh & a few people will be getting some special items in their letters I hope that they like them ^_^ I think that you will.  The rest of the day was pretty basic actually.  Didn't do too much but I did relax a lot and took a nap again (keep taking naps EVERY day because that's how I'm going to feel better plus upping my daily Vit C's).  I also finished reading “confessions of a shopaholic” and I rather liked the ending part, it was really good!! 😀 I was very pleased with how it ended.  I am now reading “what is my cat thinking” I actually haven't started it yet but I have opened it up.  It's the book that I just got the other day at the B&N.  

Got a few things that I ordered off of ebay in (yes everything that I buy off of that site has only been HK ^_^) the mail lately and they're coming in really quickly.  I'm very impressed actually!  I ordered a few items from sanrio's site but they won't be coming til after the fuckin' reunion wtf?  I'm soo god damn angry about that too.  Why you ask? Well because I ordered them BEFORE the shut down time and I wanted them for the fuckin' reunion/thanksgiving. GGRR looks like I'll just have to wear them for christmas.  It's the HK brooch & necklace (I bought both because I couldn't decide on either one.  I can wear pin like breakdownbeauty said I can wear in on my coat, scarf, etc.

I haven't dyed my hair yet nor have I made the cupcakes but I plan on doing that tomorrow sometime.  I might make the dessert before I dye my hair so I won't sweat and stuf after plus it'll be easier that way.  I told Tony that he'd have to take a picture of me when I am done dying my hair plus when I have my outfit on for the reunion (not wearing the same thing for thanksgiving, just in case my brat of a niece decides to be well a brat and ruin my outfit I am NOT taking any chances either).  He said fine he can do that YAY!  We also need to give her a bath but we can do that before I dye my hair and after I do the cupcakes, we've got all day for that.  

Tony went to his poker event on Monday because they had to change it from Wednesday due to thanksgiving being Thursday and all.  He made the final table again so that really helps me and he's also got a few kills (knocked others out).  He's in 2nd place over all but the guy in first is hard to beat!  

Went to Walmart tonight to pick up some grocery items (it's not a super walmart but it's getting there slowly) plus get the undergarmets that I neeed.  Unfortunatley for me, they didn't have the full body slimmer (turkey dinner I'll NEED a thinner so I won't look like I'm a few months pregnant from eating too much *LOL*) but I did get a new bra–they actually had my size–took me awhile to find it too (which I found one that they said will slim the boobs and make them look smaller), slimming underwear, and a camisole top all in black.  

Came back and tried it on, WOW I was loving the results!  My boobs looked smaller, my tummy, and I just looked slamming!! 😀 With the new hair, I'm sure I'll look even better right?!  Showed Tony and he was like “whoa, you look sooo very good” I was really happy with that because he's a hard person to impress let me tell you!  I can't wait till he sees my hair when I put the dye in and the guy told me to keep the dye in for at least an hour to keep the color bold and good!  I LOVE hearing some advice.  When he starting asking if I wanted some advice, I thought that he'd say “you need new clothes” or something rude like that but he didn't, I was impressed.

Watched Phil Gordon's dvd on EI on poker and it wasn't too bad.  Tony got it with his points on Full Tilt, he got it for me (as well as himself but mainly for me).  I FINALLY got my stamps in that I ordered in the mail so I can start writing out cards & stuff on Friday before the reunion (if things get too busy then Saturday then).  

Well I wanna play some sims seasons before I go to bed take care all.  I'm all updated on my friends list, read them all!



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