Macy's-Thanksgiving Day Parade

Published November 18, 2007 by sadistickitten

Hello Kitty's going to be at this year's thanksgiving day parade!!!  ^_^ YAY I'm going to wake up early just so I can watch it at 9am but I won't be ableto see all of it because we're going to the game at 10am Oakmont VS Gardner thanksgiving game but we never go at the beginning of it so hopefully I'll be able to at least watch some of the parade (we don't have a vcr anymore because we never use it so we ended up giving it to the salvation army) plus we needed room in the bedroom and makes the kitchen less clutered.  I'll explain better in another entry what's up with that stuff.  But we don't hav a vcr to be able to tape it and no dvr either so I'll just have to suffer without it I guess.  😦 Or hopefully I'll get to see HK when we're home.  *crosses fingers*  Still not sure on the time to go my sister's yet (she never bothered to call ANY of us, nice girl huh?)  but my parents assume 1pm.  We'll see.  Take care all.

by finding_her


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