Another Update, I know you're shocked huh?

Published November 18, 2007 by sadistickitten

I know that I've done a lot of updates lately, but it helps me sleep better plus it gets thoughts out of head and destress at the end of the day.  Like someone meditates, which I've tried but doesn't seem to work for me too much.  Guess you have to go with whatever works for you right?  Not too much happened today actually.

I'm doing a lot better than I have been but still not totally over my cold but for the most part I am (if that makes any sense) so that's really nice.  I am doing a lot more now that my cold's gotten better (I'll get into that in a minute) which is good because things have really needed to get done around here.  

The other day, Tony felt like cleaning (this should be a national event because he never feels like cleaning) so he ended up cleaning up a few things around the house (which was good because they needed to get done due us both being sick and not feeling like doing it) and in doing so, felt that the house needed reorganizing.  He move the microwave, bread box, paper towel holder, knive set, tv, vcr, and tv stand.  The bread box, and the paper towel holder has been moved to the island off of the counter next to the sink.  The snacks have been moved from the fridge to the counter next to the sink.  The tv stand has been moved to the living room area to put the microwave, telephone, scanner (it's for shoppers' hotline thing), address books, notepads, pens/pencil holder, etc. It's got 3 shelves so it holds alot and it's better than our other one.  The table has been moved to the bedroom where the money box is and the humifider is located now (instead of the bureau because there was no other place for it but it's only seasonal anyways).  The vcr, tv that went to salvation army as well as a few other things that we were working on getting rid of. 

Now I have more room to cook the meals, make cookies etc without having to worry about running out of space which actually cool.  I'm getting used to the new way things are just like I'm getting used to Tony's new glasses as well.  Oh his came in a few days ago they're square and they really shape his face better plus he looks good in them ;).  Anyways, today we didn't do too much at all it was a lazy Sunday *I LOVE lazy Sundays* don't you?

Tony had his free roll at 2pm so had to eat before his freeroll started.  While he played his freeroll, I was online checking out sites and what not plus making or filling requests.  He went out first in last place of course but watched the whole tourney.  Some ass who's from canada (ok not saying all canadians are like that not my point I'm just noting where he's from) was trying to say all this shit about how guns are wrong and stuff because someone shot a guy who was trying to hurt the guys' son.  So the ass from the forum was saying how he was defending the person that broke into the house.  Wtf?  See he's an ass!

Other than that drama, we watched Spiderman 3 that just came in from netflix.  I wasn't too impressed with the movie actually but I did like the whole Venum thing. I used to watch the cartoon on tv (the 80s version I think or maybe early 90s I don't remember) all the time when I was little so I remember that villian. It was cool how they made the creature do stuff and all but I hated how movies rely too much on CGI.  I'm not saying they shouldn't have any but at least make it look like it's not so odvious that you're watching cgi stuff sorry I like the way they had it back in the day.  I have NOTHING against cgi when it's done correctly like shrek.  I look at it and I don't even notice it's all in the computer done you know?  

I made mashed potatoes because Tony wanted to buy them and I think it's stupid to buy them prepackaged.  It's a waste of money as well as it's got too much sodium and cholestrol in it.  So I made them and he said this time they were the best I've ever made them ^_^ YAY I know what to do now is make sure to add 2 heaping TBS of butter with a bit extra of milk.  YES!  Now he'll want mine over the store brought brand.  Go me ^_^

After watching the movie, I made cookies because Tony wanted to buy some cookies at the store (and he's out of them) so I said no again because that stuff's filled with crap again.  I told him I'd make them for him and so I did.  I used non stick pans but the bottoms got a bit too brown but the oven was on for a little while before that and Tony was blabbing to me about something on his site which was having them stay in longer grrr.  And we got a call from my parents while watching the movie (had the ringer off at night due to the other nite someone calling in the wee hours) saying that thanksgiving is at 1 or 2pm on Thursday (she talked to my sister).  Once again, my sister doesn't bother with me but goes through my mom ggrr that woman I tell you!  Does she just really not want me around?!

Was going to watch Desperate Housewives but there was something else on tv so we watched the pats game instead.  We left there after it was pretty far ahead and we pretty much knew that NY didn't have a chance.  Plus NY sux lately since they got Drew (which I can't stand by the way).  Other will say “pats suck” but the truth is you're just jealous.  We're 10-0!!!  We totally kicked ass this game and it was nice.  I noticed that it was snowing in NY so maybe we're getting some snow tonight or tomorrow we'll see I guess.  It would be the first snow of the season.  The bad thing, this week we're getting rain on thanksgiving.  That's a second year that Thanksgiving is rained out!  Wtf?  Every time we go to the game it rains, are they trying to tell us something?

I finished Beth's letter & I just finished reading Sanni's letter.  I will reply to hers really soon but this weekend was busy and I was feeling icky most of the time so that's why I haven't gotten much done lately.  I am sorry about that, oh Sanni, thanks sooo very much for the candy.  Can't EVER go wrong with candy! 😀 YUMMY, I haven't eaten them yet but I will when I reply. ^_^ 

Well I think I'm going to play some sims seasons because I don't have the patience right now to fill requests for


rubyfirefly @ solaris_designs

 but I will do it soon just not today that's all.  This week, I also have to make cupcakes for Thanksgiving dinner.  We still need to go to walmart to pick up those things that I need for the reunion next week and then I'll be free & clear!  😀 Well take care all.  Have a good rest of your weekend and week coming up, well short one for those that celebrate it that is.  *hugs & love*


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