Doing A Bit Better

Published November 12, 2007 by sadistickitten

I'm doing a bit better today, not totally I still feel VERY tired and my head feels like it's filled with fluff but I did write all of Heidi's letter.  Working on Danielle's right now, Jessica's

 's package will go out tomorrow with the mail.  I didn't put anything inside the package saying “hey this is for you” because I figured she'd know by looking at it.  I put 5 stamps on it which should be good enough because it's not that heavy.  Well take care all, I'll update soon about what's going on I just don't have the patience today again.  I will read/comment on your journal posts so PLEASE don't delete me from your list, I need just need some time away from the computer because I think Sarah's right it's bothering my eye sight.  I'm not really on that much but more than I have been in the past.  

nighty night all, I'm going to try to write more of my letter to Danielle before our show at 9pm.

by kandysmindfreak 



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