Stay-In Sickly Day!

Published November 10, 2007 by sadistickitten

Woke up this morning to being sicker than I've been in days. It's probably a combination between already being sick and all the smoke that was at Foxwoods the other day (for those that don't know and are new to my journal, I'm allergic to smoke) probably had an adverse effect on me today. I don't know but my throat hurts, coughing & I feel like shit. My cold is making me feel like I want to die.

We didn't take our walk but Tony went to CVS to pick up some Dayquil Sinus (because I forgot to put that on the list and we're out of it, and this morning I really needed it) because I couldn't breathe still having problems breathing correctly but it's a bit better now, the more the day goes on the better I feel THEN I have to start all over again tomorrow 😦 waah.

Put out the letter for Liana (updated

with the new info, check that out if you want to know what's up) when I woke up and I saw a package there. I was like huh? It was from amazon, I recieved my Seasons (sims 2 expansion pak) in the mail ALREADY. That totally made my day so that's nice. ^_^ Watched another episode of Deadwood (Tony's new show that he's getting through netflix) and ate lunch. Side note: I made a new icon–*points to icon* I was going to make a blinkie with it (the turkey that is) but with my cold right now I don't feel like making one sorry guys.

Oh and in the mail I got the rest of Jessica's gift it's just funny because I already sent out her package and NOW I get the gift for her. No biggie, I'll just sent it out on Tuesday I'll be sure to add extra stamps on it just in case. It's different than I thought it would be but still it's cute none the less so I know she'll like it. ^_^ I took a picture of it but I won't show you guys till she recieves it in the mail because she's here in my journal viewing it so I don't want her to see it and go YAY that's I'm getting.

My parents came over, I had to call them because they hadn't done so already. They came over a little while ago and they gave us stuff that they bought us in Maine (felt kind of bad because we bought them something while in Vegas but we never gave it to them because I figured it'd be perfect as a christmas gift) last weekend. They got us an orange HEAVY blanket saying Bar Harbor, Maine on it as well as 2 glass saying the same thing on it, one purple and one blue.

We plan on using the blanket for the game thanksgiving (I'll be wearing jeans to it and changing IF we are going to my sis' house) since it's rather heavy and nice. We had a nice visit with them, we talked about different things. They even mentioned that they saw HK items in ME but they didn't know what I already had so they didn't want to get me anything. Plus they saw stuff at Target a dollar and they weren't sure again what to get me so they didn't get me anything. I told them that getting 2 of something wouldn't bother me especially if it's stationary because I can ALWAYS use more stationary. Asked my mom if she would call Malinda and ask her about why I wasn't invited. However, she won't be saying it that way! She'll just say “is Jennifer & Tony coming to Thanksgiving dinner have you heard?” If my sis says Ops I forgot to invite them then I'll know if not and she says nothing then we'll go from there.

Looks like I'll have to get glasses after all. I've been having a slight problem seeing far distance, not like everything but words and stuff so I'm going to call Tony's eye place (which also accepts my insurance him and I don't have the same) Monday to set up an appointment to have my eyes checked out. I might not need glasses at all, it might just be that my eyes are tired or that I've been behind the computer too much and need to use eye drops more. But if worse comes to worse and I do, Tony said that I'd look cute with glasses ^_^ plus he loves me so I should stop freaking out about having to get them. I'm not sure if they'll be open on Monday since it's a holiday and all but I'll find out when I call.

Supper we ate out at The South Side Grill after my parents left and we had what we always have, hamburgers. We talked about me worrying about having glasses and stuff. I'm worried that at the reunion I'll have the glasses and be wearing them. Others will think that once again I'm a dork because I have glasses. Hopefully, I can get some cute ones instead of some really cute ones like I have for my reading glasses (I don't need reading glasses but I got them because someone told me that if I use them while reading it makes you not need glasses…guess that person was wrong huh?). Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Well that's about all, I was playing my seasons game since I don't feel like right now writing people back or reading/commenting on blogs, taking a short hiatus from that stuff right now. I'm off to play my sims, I'm soo excited I LOVE all the new stuff that I can do. Take care. Have a good weekend all, I hope that my cold goes away soon.

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