This Time I Wasn't Drunk!!!!

Published November 8, 2007 by sadistickitten

GGRR I just wrote most of an entry on here but it didn't save like it normally does and I wasn't ready to publish it plus it wouldn't let me save it either grr that pisses me off.  So I'll do quick entry instead.  I wanted to say that I am not sure if I'll be around that much this weekend, I want to get rid of my cold so I might be taking a break from here for a little while that and my DS.  That is stressing me out because I feel so stupid doing it lately my cold is really bothering me a lot and need some more free time.

 Yesterday wasn't eventful at all, I Idid a voicepost about what happened nso if you haven't listened to it you should so you know what happened.  If you didn't then, here is what happened quickly.  Watched most of my dawson's creek while Tony was gone doing his bar league poker which he came in 15th place.  I packed my bags for our foxwoods trip today, more about that later in the entry.

Today didn't get much time to check my email and stuff before we left so that's what I've been doing since we got here at foxwoods.  Had an early supper here, we shared a chicken dinner at the Veradana cafe which isn't really as cheesy as the name seems.  It's like a friendly's but has more of a variety and it's more upscale than that.  WOW!!  That was weird, the phone rang and I answered it thinking “maybe it's Tony” don't know why he'd call (plus who the hell else would it be?) me but whatever and when I picked up to say hello they hung up…odd I'll have to ask him when he gets…he's here.  Hold on!  Asked him he said he has no clue because he never called, odd huh?

Came here and I've been doing my best to check email and stuff since we got here.  I'm also working on my letter to Liana which is barely just started right now.  I sent out Kristy's letter before we left didn't update sorry about that but I didn't have the time like I said.  Sent out a complimentary subscription card to Allure.  Got it from my avon order that I made and it came in the mail yesterday.  It's makeup that I neeed to replace old ones that I'll be throwing out next month or so when it's been a year.  Plus the makeup brushes that I've needed replaced because my others were crappy and cheap and old.  If you ordered X amount of Mark by avon you'd get an allure subscription and I've always wanted to check out that magazine so this works!

Traffic wasn't bad at all other than when we got closer to foxwoods due to people leaving from here to go home but other than that it was pretty fast and nice.  Ended up checking in and getting to settle into our room right away no waiting!!  Had supper at the verdana and that place isn't as cheesy as it sounds at all, it's actually rather nice, kind of like Friendly's back home but more upscale than that.  Tony and I shared a chicken dinner, they actually gave us both a chicken instead of making us split which was really nice.  

Later on, we checked out downstairs where the world poker tour was taking place.  Amanda (joe's girlfriend outside) ended up telling us unlike the security guard outside that we could go inside and actually talk to the players or at least see them.  We had to stand behind the rope because we weren't playing in the event *BOO* But we bumped into Joe Sebok which was really cool.  Talked with him for a little while and got some video of him as well a picture so that was really cool.  If you want to check out the video go to

Tony, Joe Sebok, and Me

After that, we had some sundaes which I couldn't finish was really nice but too damn friggin' big for me to eat.  I fee soo friggin' fat right now because I've got a tummy from all that I've eaten so I plan on getting the corset that I was looking at Walmart so that'll be the tummy tucker thing with the gc that I got, that'll work.  We saw a few other celebs but if you want to know whom they are check out Tony's site and go to the forums, he's got a post up saying “foxwoods with joe sebok.”  OH!  When we saw Joe again, he said to me “you probably don't remember me because you were pretty drunk when I met you the first time” I was like yes I do remember but I also don't remember everything from that night I was pretty wasted.  Tony made a joke saying that I shouldn't take my clothes off but I was like not drunk yet and Joe was like well don't have to say that, she can do that.  He was checking out the ladies too real self esteem booster gotta tell you!!!

Well take care all.

by babylove75


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