Sick Day!

Published November 6, 2007 by sadistickitten

Today, we didn't do too much again considering that both Tony & I are sick. My nose has been stuffed and I feel icky in my head a lot 😦 I think I've got the starting of a cold so I've been playing my sims (did last night) and my ds more than anything else. I did read/comment on entries up to where I was last time so that's good. Tomorrow before Tony's eye appointment we're heading down to S&S so I can get a flu shot (I could go through my docs but it's closer here & less of a drive) since they're free.

Went to Walmart but I didn't find anything to buy there so I decided not to use my gift card that I got with my points. But we did buy stuff for the house that we needed so that's good. I'll probably find something online and buy it there instead. I don't know I haven't decided but the gc doesn't go up so I can always buy something later in the store instead of buy it online.

Watched Adams Family earlier with lunch then for supper watched scrubs season 6 that just came in from netflix YAY I've been missing the show but through tv we've seen the first 3 episodes already. Now I'm here, our show isn't on tonight because the wsop is now over. GSN will no longer be on our cable as of January 2008, they're moving it to digital cable. Those fuckers, god I hate comcast but since we want to cash some cash and not spend it on satellite till we get a house we'll just have to suffer not watching wpt & hsp next season and so forth.

Well I'm off to do the rest of the activities for DS then I'm going to make some graphics for the communities, then I'll write back to penpals. Take care all. Oh I got a sweepstakes win (I think it is because I never ordered it and didn't say anything inside it either) that I'll be giving to my mom as part of her christmas. I needed some more stuff for her so this works.

Take care all

by goodgal996 @ solaris_designs


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