Patriots KICKED ASS!

Published November 4, 2007 by sadistickitten

Ok not really but they kicked ass tonight by at least 4 points but still it was a good game because it was a nail bitter. They're now 9-0 undefeated bitches, how sweet is that?! Today wasn't anything too special, Tony's friend Dave called to say that he wanted to come over for the game today because he knew it'd be good. We haven't seen him in awhile so we figured why not.

Went out to breakfast at Friendly's because we had a coupon buy one breakfast meal get one free (with 2 drinks of course). Came back and did our morning routine, did my ds stuff then took a shower and got ready for Dave to come over. Tony ordered pizza for us and waited for Dave. Watched the game and Dave's request was for me to wear something sexy ^_^ *LOL* he's always trying to check out the “ladies” I don't mind, he's fuckin' hilarous!

Had a yoplait whips chocolate mouse YUMMY! It's now going to be THE only yogurt I'll be eating from now on, I get my chocolate fix and not have to eat gross ones that I don't like. And the activa, doesn't have the L. Acid… stuff in it that I need to prevent a yeast infection. So much better than Activa, I actually had to stop taking that because I was having too many bathroom issues with it. I already have a fast metablism so this was making it worse.

Anyways, don't want to get into that stuff…we're going to watch “kids nation” that we missed on Wednesday night due to his poker league and then we'll watch “desperate housewives” on the computer this week. Well take care all, I've read everyone's entries that have been made since the last time I read entries/commented so if you make an entry after this one that I've made I'll read/comment on it tomorrow. I need to remember to call the WHC to get a flu shot!

by kandysmindfreak


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