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Published November 2, 2007 by sadistickitten

YES I have finally read/commented on all journal entries made since I hadn't read them the last time…seems like I'm always catching up lately, what is wrong with me?  Not too much to update here but I'll do my best ^_^.  I notice that the more that I write in here every day, the better it is for me to sleep because I get things off my chest easier and not have to deal with things them over & over.  Put up a new layout because the other one didn't work with a sidebar and if you know me at all, you'll know that I NEED my sidebar ^_^
Sent out the package to Jessica and she should recieve it on Thursday they said ^_^ it was a little over 10 dollars to ship it to her but I figured it would be about that much considering how much I put in it.  I could've gotten it cheaper but whenever I go to the post office to ship something off they throw the package in with the others and at least at Staples/UPS they put it back there nicely.  I was like wtf?  So I figured pay a little bit more but get more in return, like nothing ruined!
Anyhoo, I recieved the books that I ordered through amazon's site (used of course) with my gift certificate only paid 1.01 for 4 books ^_^ woohoo and these are books that I REALLY wanted for a long time too.  Entered my contests, we ended up watching “grindhouse: death proof” because I didn't feel like watching “Distubia” and it wasn't as bloody as I hoped the other grindhouse movie was YAY!!  But this had more scenes for Tony ggrrr.
Later on, Tony and I decided to go out to the mall because he wanted to get something new for the house and I wanted to use my 20% off coupon at claire's.  Went to Claires' first because that was on our way to Macy's (Tony wanted to check that store out to see if we could get something new for the house) and I got a few things (I'll post pics soon..maybe in this entry), sorry Jessica but I had to use my coupon before it went up, it was too good of an offer not to.  What was cool was that everyone noticed my HK stuff for the first EVER!!!  Most of the time no one notices that I am wearing HK but this time, the woman at the calendar place said “you've got a HK purse, ring, and earrings” then at claire's the girl said that the other braclet one matches my ring ^_^ well sort of but close enough.  *LOL* Felt cool and they were all like “where did you get that?”  
Then we headed to Macys, were we basically walked all around and I saw that they've got world champs boston red sox stuff 20% off but I didn't buy anything.  I was going to but decided not to because I don't like stuff that has dates on it to wear, don't ask it's a stupid reason and you'll probably laugh at me for it.  Finally, we decided to buy new towels since we really need to get new ones our old ones were mismatched and everything.  They were on sale too but not that cheap either but still a better price than what it normally was.  Plus we ended up getting a plastic (thick & has grippies on it) cutting board (I've always wanted on like this) in red which looks oh so cool (yes baking/cooking materials make me soo happy, I'm a geek that way).  
I've been trying to figure out what to make for the next freebie for everyone 

  & solaris_designs

but I'm not quiet sure what I should put up just yet but I'm sure I'll figure something out soon before thanksgiving since I want to do a thanksgiving one at least once before it's already here in like 22 days or so.  
Now for the picture post:

here's me sporting my new boston red sox hat ^_^ 

princess is a huge red sox fan too 
Target Purchases:


here's what we got at the mall for my dad's christmas gift (if we don't get one for him, he'll throw a fit):

it matches my avon HK ring ^_^

sorry Jessica if you already bought me this, I HAD to buy it because I wasn't sure if you would and they didn't have many left!

Well that's it, I hope that you enjoyed yourself, take care.  Good bye for now, more later.

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missgiter @ juicy_grapes


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