finally she's updating, NO WAY!!!

Published November 2, 2007 by sadistickitten

*Note: To all the people who've made posts either yesterday or today, I'll read/comment on them tomorrow but for now I'm updating*

Man!!  It's been awhile since I've done a real update so here it is.   Tony last week went to Foxwoods, I sort of updated but because he was gone I was doing everything and getting pretty stressed out.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have like a shitload of letters to write back to at once 😦 I am not complaining that I've got letters to write back to, it's because I had so many to write back to at one time. I've written back to A TON of people and yes I know, I should've updated sooner about what I got for letters but it was soo hard to keep track.  Next time, I'll do better.  I just finished Danielle's letter I forgot to add her info in there but I'll do that next letter I already sealed it up.

As some of you remember, Tony did these blogs for his site as well as for me to see him ^_^ aww how sweet huh?  Well here's the link: the only time he mentions he loves me is almost the last entrry that he does.  I didn't really feel like he was gone because I could see him in the videos, talked to him on the phone as well as emailed each other back & forth like crazy.  That weekend, Tony and I got to relax and enjoy each other's company together.  We didn't do anything at all much just watched the game.  Talked with my parents a bunch, they seemed so worried about me being alone when I really ok with it..until I went to bed!

This week, Tony and I have been getting stuff done since he's been gone.  Our phone's been making funny noises so we went to Target to get another one (plus I got some ooh so cute HK stuff for only a dollar ^_^ YAY I love it when they've got stuff because most of the time they've got NOTHING) as well as other things for the house.  On Sunday, we found out that our printer wasn't working correctly.  Tony ordered another one off of and this one is a laser jet print and MAN does it print the best pictures!!!!  

Dealt with my stupid parents and they said that they “might” come over on one day (did a voice post about this) and said they'd call if they definately were coming over then but never did.  Then they called us 10 mins before they were to show up (which turned out to be like a few seconds) so we decided to “try to” leave because we were sick of their bullshit. They still haven't called us back and I could care less.

Wrapped all of Jessica's gifts (all but the one that I ordred that's going to be shipped on the 3rd, the assholes put up an auction and then don't have the merchandise?  Wtf?  I wanted to smack this person!) tomorrow when Tony ships out something for his business at Staples.  Plus I am mailing out my letter to Danielle since I have finished it, I have NO letters left to write but I don't know what tomorrow's mail might bring.  

Things are going well with Tony's site so well that we went out for a nice dinner at William's resturant on Monday to celebrate him doing much better at getting in more money for the site.  YAY if this keeps up I won't have to get a “real” job and I can worry more about getting stuff done around the house as well as trying to keep our cat's ass clean (you wouldn't believe how much shit she gets on hers, I don't understand) and stuff like that.  Well that's about it for now, I'll do another picture post of the things that I just got minus the stuff that I bought for a penpal ^_^ won't say whom but I think she knows who she is.

Well take care all & good night.

by a_goth_goddess


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