Published October 28, 2007 by sadistickitten

Comments will be screened, I'm doing this to keep track of things please fill this out & thanks! Even if you're NOT my penpal, you can fill it out but ignore the other stuff about what to send you.

Everyone please fill this out, I have my reasons & this helps to get to know people on my list.
Please fill out this out:
Birthday Date:
Anniversary(if married, if not don't answer please):
Myspace Link:
Facebook Link:
Favorite Color:
Pet(s) name(s):
Email Address:
Pet Peeves:
Do you like HK?
Which Sanrio Character(s) do you like:
What type of stationery would you prefer me writing on:
Would you like some graphics for your birthday?:
Would you like some graphics or blinkies for your birthday or anniversary(can say yes to both)?:
What's something that you'd like to recieve in the mail from me?:
What color hair do you have:
What color eyes:
Is anything else you'd like to add?

I know that some of these are funny questions but I have my reasons for asking this stuff ^_^ Oh and just so the penpals know, I'm currently working the last 2 letters & I'll do my best this week to update my community Lastly, I'm adding ALL my penpals to my journal because there's stuff that I will putting in here for your info. You don't have to read EVERY entry but at least read the ones saying PENPALS!

By thehuts at 2007-10-27
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