not much to update but I'll try my best!

Published October 21, 2007 by sadistickitten

Nothing new has been going on, dealing with my period 😦 it just started and amazingly it's not as bad as last time thankfully!!! ^_^ Tony went to the docs and he was told that he needs to lose weight. We've been taking walks every day to help him out even if it's raining or snowing plus I need to lose some weight as well to be considered “healthy” for my height & all. However, I don't believe that I'll ever get down to 125 lbs like I need to be as they say because I've got big boobs and they just don't go away as easily.

I'm writing back to pen pals the best that I can. I have Beth, Sanni, Aurora & Maiju to write to and I'm currently working on Beth's letter but it's taking a while and I'll get into why later on in this entry. I sent out the other letters to everyone so you guys should recieve them soon.

Cleaned the house crazily the other day which was good exercise and it really needed to get done. Next I've got to clean the shower/tub because it's showing up pink (don't ask me why our water left over time here shows up pick on creme surfaces but it does) so that means it needs to be cleaned. I'll do that some time this week (makes mental note).

Called up my parents to make plans to get together for my mom's birthday which was on Wednesday the 17th plus also get together because my dad just had surgery done on his nose. They said yes about coming over and that my dad won't have to worry about working because he's off for a few weeks. ^_^ YAY! We set up a time to see them.

I made the beef stew (because I wasn't sure if Tony was going to be here or not to make the steak) and then later on I made sugar cookies last night. It took me some time to make the stew as well as the cookies so that's why Beth's letter is slowly getting there to be written. I was writing inbetween running to get them out of the oven then I had to decorate them. Ended up going to bed a bit later than normal last night because of it (that's why I couldn't pick anything up at communities nor had I read anything in awhile because we've been semi busy).

Today we got up early and I mean EARLY! We both woke up around the same time which was about 6am. Princess then came in and woke up Tony afterwards ^_^ she's soo silly like that. I tried to go back to sleep but that didn't work out for me. Ended up getting up and doing stuff on the computer then went back to bed later on to take a nap. Tony went for his but since I had done a ton of stuff the night before (I was on my feet for a long time yesterday) I wasn't feeling up to it and my foot kind of hurts today too.

My parents ended up coming over today early ^_^ of course & we weren't even ready for them!! I love it. My parents will either come over late or early, especially when we're not ready for them either. *LOL* It's really just our luck I gotta tell you!!! It was nice to see them and talk with them about things. My dad had to wait for his food to cool down because of the surgery that he had(they went through his brain so we were a bit worried about this whole thing). Other than that, we had a good time ^_^ I wrote “happy birthday” on a plate for my mom and had her blow out a candle on the side with a pumpkin sugar cookie (we just celebrated their wedding anniversary last weekend so they wanted no cake).

Well that was it, well gotta go watch desperate housewives.

by kandysmindfreak


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