I'm All HK'ed Out!

Published October 15, 2007 by sadistickitten

I'll write up about Sunday later but it's taken me a few days to write this entry about what's gone on last week since I haven't been around very much at all. Here it is, are you ready for it?


Monday nothing happened but Tuesday was an amazing day in my life ^_^ Tony's going to Foxwoods in a few weeks as I'm sure some of you guys know already. He wanted to do something nice for me since he's getting to do his own thing and I'll be stuck here for those few days. He doesn't want me there because I distract him from poker but he's going to share a room with TexasRedman (the guy that I met in Vegas) or Jess so I can't go with him even if I wanted to.

So.. because he was doing that, we discussed going to do something special for me to do and we talked all about these places that we could go to and we kept going around in circles because we couldn't think of anything to do. Finally, we talked about going to Yankee Candle Company Flagship Store/Shop when we went to bed.

But because I was excited to be out all day and have fun at the shop, I couldn't sleep the night before. We ended up staying late, we both couldn't sleep and got up. Got up and decided to check emails and stuff, I checked out Sanrio stores in my area because I was rather bored. I found out there is one an hour away or so and I told Tony. He said that we could go there instead if I wanted(of course I wouldn't turn that down, now would I?) and you odviously know my answer to his comment ^_^

Went to bed pretty damn early and we had his oil change in a few towns over Lunenburg at 9pm that we needed to be there for. I made sure to bring my nintendo ds (that thing comes with me everywhere), my book, and Ipod. Stopped at D&D's to get breakfast and my hot chocoalate ^_^ YUMMY! Ate while we were waiting for the car to be done, I read because I didn't want to distrub others with my DS and reading in the car makes me sick. I haven't decided if I like the book or not, I think it's rather interesting since I don't know much about fashion.

Tony was saying that I could stay home and not have him come with him to the appointment but I didn't see the point of making him come back just to pick me up. It'd be a waste of gas! He's a sweetie at times I swear ^_^ *lol* After that, we headed to “H.K: Hello Kitty World” which wasn't a bad drive. It was rather quick, however I was really paying much attention since I was playing my brain age.

We finally get there around 10am and we find out the place isn't open yet 😦 we then decide to talk to a few of the other businesses in case they know what's going on. They say that they don't open till 11am so we've got quiet some time to waste! Went to Friendly's to eat some eggs and stuff (I was starving because last night we stayed up late as well as ate a small dinner) to waste some time.

Ended up playing my DS back and forth while we waiting for the place to open. After getting inside (I'll post pics of this soon ^_^), I noticed that the place was far bigger than the other one in Worcestor (plus it's closer) but they had stuff that was pretty old compared to the stuff that they had at Sanrio's site or even in their store in Vegas but it was a good sized store none the less. I took my time this time around, walked around seeing things and took some pics of things.

Tony wasn't like his normal self, he was actually encouraging me to buy things! Can you believe that?! Last time, he was all “what are you doing now?” But this time, he was embracing my obsessions and saying “what about this or that” he found some really great items that I am really happy that he showed me or I never would've picked them up!

Then on 10/10/07 Wednesday: Tony played poker at night at Forty's bar (which is that one where he could win a cruise or something–not that I want to go on a cruise because I DO NOT) and I caught up on my letters plus watched dawson's creek. Was more like a “me night” to relax and have a good night by myself.

10/11/07 Thursay: Was our day to take care of the groceries as well as laundry because my foot is still doing better but it still hurts like hell! But I've been doing a lot more now.

10/12/07 Friday: Tony needed to get some pants since his need some major replacing and even asked if I wanted to do that instead of Yankee candle but of course those plans got changed. Target had a sale on pants that was really good deal so we didn't want to miss out on the deal. Went up to Pheasant Lane mall because it'd be awhile since we've been there and it would be a good to walk around the place, good exercise and they've got more choices than the mall here as well as the Target near us doesn't have much around it.

Walked around for awhile to wait for Joe's Resturant to open. Checked out JCP first since I needed to look for a colored v-neck sweater which was 40% off (thanks to Sarah helps with what to wear to my reunion next month) instead of my white one that I've got. Tony helped me pick out one that was ultra sexy ^_^ it's red and it's gorgeous. I can wear it for christmas this year as well as for the reunion. Went to put that in the car because Tony forgot his glasses in the car.

Went to walk around the mall more because Joe's wasn't open yet till 11am. Went to Claire's and this one is HUGE compared to the one that we've got around here. They've got a HUGE selection of HK items!! I ended up finally getting those HK flats that I couldn't find before. Plus my feet were killing me, the shoes that I wore there were hurting my sore foot a lot so I ended up changing them later on. I also got a few other things that I'll show you in a picture post that I make soon!

I had never been in there before whenever I went with my parents we went to the food court instead because they “thought” it was cheaper. It was actually pretty fair priced. Took some funny pics while we were waiting for our food to come after we ordered it. I got a hamburger and WOW it was huge! It was extremely delicious though ^_^ YUMMY!

After leaving there, we walked again all over the mall even to Game Stop which I just wanted to check out because I knew they didn't anything for deals but I just wanted to see what was out there for DS games. Tony always checks the computer games while I did my thing. What I hate is that their “used” section is only like 2 or 3 dollars cheaper than the new ones. wtf?

Before Target, we came across Kay B Toys and I wanted to see if they had anything HK related there (since that's where I bought a few HK items before) and went into a few aisles before finding HK section. They had a letter set collection with 2 sets of letters sets in one thing together ^_^ I bought that as well as a sticker set that Tony politely showed me (see he's been showing me all these HK things, it's really rather odd to me but I'll just have to get used to it). It wasn't a bad price for it either ^_^

Headed to Target finally and got Tony's stuff. While he checked out the jeans & khakis that he wanted to buy, I went to see what they had to for games, books and etc. in the electronics section. I didn't even check out anything HK because I had already gotten a bunch of HK items already. Didn't buy anything there so that's good of me ^_^ first when we've gone to Target I must say.

Finally were on our way out when some lady tried to stop us by saying “free sample” and the lotion she was trying to give us smelt HORRIBLE. Tony was like no thank you, and then she rudely goes “miss I'd like to ask you a question” and I go no thank you then walk away. Wtf? How rude of her! I mean come on, I don't know what she was going to say but trust me from the tone in her voice I didn't want to know.

Right after that, we were on our way back to where we parked Tony wanted to stop at a candy store. I was like ok but I don't really feel like buying anything, I'm expecting to buy anything because I wasn't in the mood to shop no more. ^_^ Famous last words! When we walked in a bit, I saw a section that made me thrilled that we were in there!!! It was HK ^_^ FILLED with a ton of goodies!!! I ended up buying even more stuff too ^_^ YAY!!! I'll post that stuff in the pic post that I'll make soon ^_^ *LOL*

A few days ago, when I was putting away my stuff (yes all of it) I noticed that I had A SHITLOAD of it. *LOL* I'm not even kidding!! My desk, drawers, etc are all filled with HK. I had to reorganize everything and I threw out a bunch of pens/pencils (plus I gave a shitload of them to my parents) in the process. I have a ton of HK stationary now ^_^ I thought I was set before but I was wrong. I still have a spot for other sanrio stationary just not HK anymore that side of the drawer is filled!

I put it in HK and not HK because I do have some penpals that prefer other over HK, not that they actually said but I know they don't really like HK so I'd rather use other paper when I write to them. So I'm really happy about this because I don't need to buy any stationary for a long time YAY go me. I still have plenty of room for stickers and pens though ^_^ hee hee *hint hint* But of course, I won't say no to anyone buying me HK stationary for christmas/birthday because I know it'll get used. I had to reorganize it all to make it all fit in there so now my crafts/junk drawer is all fixed now too ^_^ OH! I also found a few more things for Jessica's christmas gift!! I just need the boxes to come in the mail from USPS and I'll be able to wrap her gifts then send them out before christmas time.

I did see a few sets of stationary on sanrio's site that are cute but I don't want to buy myself anymore for a few reasons. One being that I'm pretty much all set on that sort of thing right now, two I don't want to buy something that others might buy me for christmas/birthday (no, I am NOT saying that you MUST buy me something, just saying that I know a few people are & I don't want to get stuff they've already got or plan to buy you know?), three if I buy anything HK for awhile Tony'll kill me (between all that I bought just last week and what I bought before well I could pretty much open 2 stores and sell HK), four my parents might be buying me some HK items for my birthday (and I know that my mom has got some stuff but won't tell me odviously because she said that she got me some stuff). Five I'm actually sick of buying anything HK *LOL* I know, I can't believe that I said that either but sadly I am. I need to save my cash (should've been doing this before now but I plan to from now on) and stop buying anything. Tony's paid me my “allowance” for last month and this month so that makes me happy ^_^ He still has to pay me the other money that he owes me too then I'll be SUPER happy!

Saturday I ended up making the meatballs for the party Sunday. Other than that, we didn't do too much just keeping up with my brain age 2 game and making sure to do that every day as well as play some tetris ds. Well it's a long write up for Sunday's events that will unfold, I've got to write it up in my written journal first because it's going to be very long so I'll let you go now. Take care. Sorry for taking up so much room on your friends page but sometimes I don't like doing a cut. If you don't like that about me, then just delete me off your list. Ok? Not being bitchy at all, just stating a fact.

Well that was my week, busy as hell last week huh? *LOL* at least this week I'll have some more free time.

by kandysmindfreak


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