once again….

Published October 13, 2007 by sadistickitten
I apologize for not updating about what's been going on lately, but we've had soo much going on with us lately that I haven't really had the time (or I did but I was too tired from it all) but I did get around to reading and commenting on journals today so that's a start right?  We've just been sooo very busy with things and I would like to write down my thoughts and stuff before I go and write up an entry.  I'll be writing down my thoughts in my written journal to sort them out then I'll be making an entry here so I know exactly what I want to say about whatever it is that I want to say ^_^ *LOL*

 I'm busy tomorrow all day pretty much it's my parents anniversary party which means that it'll be hell to deal with my mother and all but I'll get through it, I'm sure.  I am not totally sure what I'll wear yet but I'm sure I'll figure it out pretty soon.  I have what I'm wearing as a shirt but as my skirt/dress pants, I'm pretty much clueless.  I don't know when I'll be able to update again but I'll do my best to do that soon, I hope to write up a few entries in my written journal before I go to bed tonight then tomorrow after we come back and then monday during the day so maybe by Tuesday I'll update about what's been going on this week ^_^ I know by then it'll be next week.  But I'll also have a picture post to make of what I've got recently and it'll be a BIG one too ^_^

well take care all.  Nighty nite.

by: kandysmindfreak


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