Filtered Post If you can read this NOT about yoU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published October 9, 2007 by sadistickitten

Ok so there's this girl that I am not just penpals with but she likes HK as well. Well she made a post in an LJ community (it's filter she can't read this) showing off what she's bought online as well as what she's gotten from her husband. Well I just made a comment (note: she's made the same basic comment for me when I've post my stuff before) saying that I've got about 80% of what she's got, well I really do which is rather pathetic considering there's a lot there.

The other stuff I either didn't want or I can't really get because well I don't have home. What pisses me off is she thinks I'm being a bitch and causing “drama.” I know this girl! It's not like I'm saying fuck you, your stuff sux. I'm not jealous of what she's got, hell I could buy more HK stuff if I want but I'm trying to save my cash and not buy online with their insane shipping prices. Plus I just spent a shit amount of money at the store as well as online at amazon with a gift card (g/c didn't cover it all). So why the hell would I be jealous? Because I'm not!

If I was jealous I would've said, that sux is ugly. Which I didn't say because some of it really is but it's just not my taste at all. But just to fair I deleted my comment because the cunt (now you know I'm mad) has pissed me off saying that I'm causing drama *rolls eyes* And if this penpal stops writing to me over this stupid thing, let her. I mean her letters are only on small paper, VERY hard to read handwriting.

I've been thinking of getting rid of her for awhile now anyways but I didn't want to be rude. It's really a harmless comment, but I don't need others being cuntbags saying “well you're being rather negative and rude” bs when I'm not. If I wanted to, I'd say a hell of a lot more than I just did! I also left that community because it's FILLED with advertisements for “I wanna trade” and “I have something that I want to buy” bs.

I mean how do you say to someone that you don't want to be their penpal anymore? I've NEVER been good with that sort of thing. I mean she writes on memo paper (so small that it's hard to read that type of paper) for godsakes. She's got THE worst handwriting because she writes sooo very fast when she does write. I don't want to hurt her feelings by saying “you suck at writing” I mean how do you say that nicely? “Your handwriting is hard to read” and I've said that to others before, I think I offended them because they totally stopped writing to me. I can read chicken scratch better than I can read her handwriting.

Sorry this is just my rant post, please feel free to ignore if you'd like. If not, advice what do I tell her? Once again, if you can read this IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Ok I'm off to fill requests for






 and figure out a new freebie for

 I'm thinking something new!






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