People piss me off!

Published October 7, 2007 by sadistickitten

Ok so I do make graphics for my community which I'm sure most of you are in which is cool and all. But what pisses me off when I've done EVERY attempt that I could to make others pick up their requests. In my view, if you have time to request than you have time to pick up as well.

Well I make sure to make it easier on others is to reply to their post saying what they'd like. Well I've gone to someone's journal, made a link to my community but still nothing. If I don't get a response by tomorrow MIDNIGHT, I'm deleting the post then ignoring her request further. I've been cleaning out my community of old requests that others have made. It's just that if I keep those up, others will think that they're open and with more members coming all the time it's hard to keep up with others if they keep requesting stuff that's old. I'll just have to edit the post for now saying closed.

Just that's just my rant tonight!


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