Happy Birthday Julia

Published October 6, 2007 by sadistickitten

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I want to wish the wonderfully sweet Julia a very happy birthday!!

Sorry that I haven't commented in a while nor have I made anything recently for my community but I've been taking a small break from that to play my games, as well as writing back to pen pals. I have 2 letters to write now and I'm taking my time and sorry if that upsets others but there's a lot going on here lately and after hearing that I am 100% free of diseases, I wanted to take sometime for myself. Since before that I had been stressing out, worrying about how it was going to be and etc.

Update on health, I've got either a cold or allergies (or worse BOTH) but other than that things are better for me YAY. It's that time of the year for me to get both of those things, here it keeps going from warm to cold and back & forth so I think pretty much everyone is sick. We're supposed to be getting some rain tonight into some time next week when it stops so hopefully that will help us cool down.

The new tenant is only one person, the lady who works at the laundry mat. Apparently, her job working there is really a 24/7 one and she apparently doesn't get paid as much as she'd like to so she's moving out of her house and selling it. She's already moved in upstairs and has been going back and forth to get stuff from her house till it sells. She's not a bad lady and we've been seeing her sitting upstairs with the landlords on their porch/balcony reading the newspaper. It's kind of odd but I won't question it any further.

I bought all of Tony's christmas/birthday gifts already and gave it to him. Why you ask? Well because Tony already gave me my nintendo ds lite (in pink ^_^) for my early bday/christmas gift so I decided might as well give him his right? I also finished up all of Jessica's christmas gifts, now I just have to wrap them and send them out.

Talked with my mom and told her about how many more people have called that they are coming to the party. A lot of people have been calling me to say “I'm sorry but we can't make it but blah, blah” stuff that I really could care less about. Gesh, just call to say I'm coming not I'm not. I am getting so tired of that plus I can't wait till this whole party thing is OVER! Also told my mother the good news about how I am completely healthy or at least was till I got whatever it is that I have now. She asked for us to pick up the cake as well as the flowers that day before we arrive on our way to the hall. Our talk was pretty good, she wasn't as annoying as she is from time to time so that was rather nice.

My foot is doing a bit better, still hurts like hell but that's to be expected since I have to walk on it and all. It's still pretty bruised and purple but that's to be expected as well. I am making sure not to baby it nor am I pushing myself with it, making sure to walk correctly and slowly enough not cause further pain. I'm a fast walker so trying to get me to slow down is something.

We're looking into going to Salem, MA one of these days during this month (working on that stuff soon when Tony's not busy at the moment) since we don't want to go to King Richard's Faire this year (was a bit too expensive and we just went to Vegas recently, need to save the $) nor do I want to go spooky world (one time was enough for me, not big into scary stuff like that). And I haven't been since I was in junior high or something like so this should be fun! Didn't see all that I wanted to see when we were there anyways.

Been playing my nintendo ds, Tony got me brain age 2 (because I heard brain age 1 isn't as good as 2) and animates! It's ok but it's not as good as my sims 2 pets game. I've been wanting the Tetris DS ever since I saw it online and I LOVE Tetris. I was a huge Tetrisaholic back in the day. I played that game for hours last night and I'm recharging my ds right now since it's a bit low. Kept me busy for hours and Tony had to remind me of the show that was on last night ^_^

Went to Sears to pick up the Tetris since I ordered it off their site and picked up at the store. It processed Friday morning (orderd it at like 9pm or 10pm Thursday night) and later on in the day Friday we went to go pick it up. It was much cheaper than New Egg, or even Circuit plus I don't pay shipping nor do I have to wait till it's back in stock ^_^ which is what I was dieing to play.

After going to there, we headed to Friendly's since Tony was hungry, I wasn't feeling that way (and lately I haven't felt like eating much, must be what's going around) I ordered Fish 'N Chips dinner but what I got was anything BUT that. She came back like 3 or 4 times screwing up my order gggrr! After that, I just lost my appetite. Tony's like I never heard you say that, I was like well you barely listen to me anyways.

He was checking out all the 'eye candy.' Her manager was pissed but she should LEARN to fuckin' listen, I don't care to go there anymore. She sucks as a waitress and she didn't even refill our water wtf? Tony gave her a big tip (I wanted to kill him). I've only VERY rarely had problems with them screwing up my order. She also said “the board of health is coming” which definately made me happy that I didn't eat a THING there.

Ended up going to Claire's to check out what they had for HK items as well as see if they had the sox. They did!! YAY, so I got 2 different pairs of sox as well as a small pad with a clipboard (paper will be used for letters). They didn't have anything else that peaked my interest (I'll take pics of that stuff).

Checked out Hot Topics for HK items but I didn't see ANYTHING there other than tissues, that was very disappointing but didn't buy anything so that's good. And we stopped by Game Stop to check out accessories for my DS but I didn't what I was looking for. I'll check out the one here in town once and awhile to see what new stuff they've got, just to compare prices and all.

My avon order came in, the snowman that you can have light up as well hook up a mp3 unit to it (or an electronic device) because it has a speaker inside. I know it's not christmas yet but it was like half off and it's soo very cute looking (I'll take pics of that too) ^_^ I couldn't help but not buy it. Got a new expansion pak (small pak) for my sims 2, it's the celebration one. It's got some really nice things too ^_^ can't wait to use them.

Well that's about it, I have to comment on blog posts here as well as make sure to fill requests for for the ones that I have up and then I have to write letters. Well I'm rather busy so I'll let you go now. Take care

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