Published September 30, 2007 by sadistickitten

working on a freebie for userinfosadistic_treats and I know that others will definately request. For now, taking a short break to update about what's been going on.  Well after reading online that yogurt helps with getting rid of yeast infections, I have been having once a day to help prevent it.  I am not a big fan of the taste but I can eat one thing a day that I don't care for the taste to stay healthy every month.  I mean it is also been proven to help one lose weight so that's an added bonus right?  
Nothing has really been going on that I shoudl really write about other than we watched leapon weapon 3 tonight that was cool.  I still haven't even seen the last one either.  There are quiet a few that I haven't seen yet but we'll get to see with the help of netflix.  Tomorrow is our anniversary ^_^ YAY that means we'll be going out to lunch (we'd go to dinner but there are far too many people out at that time) at Singapore's (a chinese resturant) since it's been awhile.  I would also like to get all dressed up with my foot that won't be possible because I don't want to fall on my face or injure myself even further.  My parents had said “we'll get together this weekend” but I knew that wouldn't work out and with my foot being all injured I really didn't want to see them because then I'd have to go and clean the whole house due to her allergies and I can't do that right now.  Tony doesn't clean the house as well as I do so that would be out of the question.  Plus I'm anal when it comes to cleaning, no really I am.  But it was nice to stay home, relax and spend some time with Tony.  I know you think “don't you guys get plenty of time to see one another?”  Well not really, we don't.  He's usually playing on his computer or working on his site ignoring me and we eat meals together but he's usually rushing to get back to his computer.
I finally finished “the starter wife” and am now reading “confessions of a shopaholic” but do NOT tell me anything further about it.  I'm only one chapter 3 I believe so far.  I am not sure what I think about it as of yet.  But I am hoping that I'll like it because I have all the way up to the sister one.  I didn't get and baby since I don't care or want a baby.  
Well that's about it, take care all.

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