what I believe is wrong with me–HIGHLY filtered post

Published September 29, 2007 by sadistickitten


*warning: this is a pretty graphic post, please be aware that I will talk about things that might make you 2 uncomfortable.*

~preferred ONLY and that means only 2 of you can see this ^_^~

Ok so the doctor was talking about different things with me when I went for my visit to her office.  She asked about if I've ever had inflammed pelvis exam and I said there was a slight inflammed one yes. 

Well I noticed that she gave me piece of paper and wanting me to go to the lab, well when I went to the lab (on my way there) I saw that she put chlamydia for them to check for.  I thought that was odd since after all like I said, I've been with Tony for like 8 years now and I've had check ups after we first had sex, those tests came back negative EVERY time.

I hadn't been to the docs since in a while let's just say (I know that's very bad) in awhile, but when I came home I was just freakin' out over everything that I might have I totally didn't remember what it was on the sheet.  Well today since having a clear head and all, I remember that she wrote that as well as some mem thing but I can't remember what that one was.

From what I've read (god it's been years since I've read that sort of thing in school), it could be chlamydia.  As I'm sure that Tony will say to me, “you're being paranoid again” but you know what?  I have all the signs, that they were talking about.  I'm just hoping that I don't have PID already if I do have that.  And the only problem with that is that I might become infertile which couldn't neccasarily be bad right?  I mean we don't want kids do we?  Nope.

I did read that these are ALL treatable by using an antibiotic to get rid of them and to treat them.  So that's a good sign however, I might very well get a yeast infection (how ironic huh?) due to it because antibiotics does that sort of thing to a woman's body.  Which then means that I'll be sure to eat yogurt a lot or get the pills from Marne @ Brooks to help prevent (at least I hope so) the disease. 

Now, Tony will think I'm being paranoid or crazy but I read all the symptoms and when she was giving me the exam; I did have bleeding between my period, it hurt when she was touching my lower abdomian/right above the vagina area or really where it is, and I've been having discharge so that means that I very well might have it.  Those tests should be coming back next Thursday because they do take a week.

I feel like such a nerd right now, I just checked A TON of important online what it is that I might have.  I checked up and saw that I might indeed have another form of yeast infection that she herself couldn't tell in the microscope or it might be a STD, likely the ones above that I mentioned.  Basically, I'll have to make sure to not to have sex with Tony til we know exactly what it is because further problems is not what I want. 

Tony thinks that I'm again being paranoid but unlike him, I like to be prepared in case it is indeed one of those things.  I hate going into something ESPECIALLY when I'm scared, not being prepared and not knowing what she might tell me I have or don't.  I unlike Tony don't want to blind sighted and told “I'm sorry Jennifer but you've got this.”

And also if it is going to be something, I'd rather have it as something that's treatable like an STD or PID, or even it is in fact another form of a yeast infection that she didn't notice before till the test results came back.  What I do remember now, rewinding it all in my mind is that she put in oral pill and it'll be at Brooks in Gardner (not Marne's because apparently they don't take medication stuff at hers).  I'm not sure exactly what medication she said because it was going all too fast for me to follow her but I believe she was putting in a prescription to an antibiotic for me to get rid of the disease.  So it'll be waiting for me when they call on Thursday. 

She had a lot of questions to ask me and some of them I was really confused why she was asking me and it's not till now that I've figured that out.  She was asking me questions to try to figure out what it is that I might have.  And a lot of the different symptoms that I was telling her, she wasn't sure exactly what it might be since after all it wasn't showing up as a yeast infection.  This whole thing could be a good thing.  Why you ask? 

Because if I hadn't it checked out it could've just gotten worse and worse so this is really a blessing in disguise really.  But if I am infertile, it's not a bad thing at all.  Doesn't stop one from having sex nor does it stop one from having great sexual experience either (or as far as I can tell).  It only means that I won't be able to have a kid, which is really a blessing in disguise AGAIN ^_^ see god works in mysterious ways *said that in a southern accent* even if I don't believe in him.

Well that's just my thoughts today ^_^ I'll know more in about a week what it definately is.  If I do have an STD, it can be easily treated and that just means that Tony and I will have to get treated at the same time (meaning he'll have to get an earlier appointment) and he'll get to pee in a cup.  Women get swabbed and men pee how odd huh? 

Well that's just my thought of the day, or shall I say thoughts.



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