Published September 24, 2007 by sadistickitten

Icky, I haven't been sleeping much at night and been sleeping on the wrong side as well so that doesn't help at all. 😦 I've written another letter and it went today with today's mail to Beth. I have aurora's to write and now I've just recieved Sanni's letter/package ^_^ thanks sweetie I LOVE it!!! It very TOO kind of you to buy me something. I've been terrible this year with birthdays, if I do remember it goes out a week before and if I don't remember it's late. Then I don't know what to give people because I'm terrible with buying bday gifts for people. Not everyone but for the most part I am. I apologize if I haven't ever sent you anything for your birthday but I do send along stickers, stationary, etc from time to time so I hope that no one hates me because I'm terrible at buying or getting bday gifts for people. I only usually exchange with someone if they exchange with me, I know that sounds horrible and mean but I've had others use me in the past and now I'm more careful.

I'm still working on my “starter wife” book, it's taking a long time but I've been reading it inbetween writing letters, filling requests (which reminds me, Julia your stuff will get done soon I'm too exhausted right now to concintrate on that tonight), watching some tv to relax as well as just sleeping. Things have once again gotten bad, it seems like every time I 'think' that things will be better this time they're not 😦 but at least I don't have it as bad as others. I just need to make sure to be caution with certain things, I have talked with Tony about this and he said he'll do his best as well to help on his part. It's nothing that I feel comfortable talking about it's between Tony & I, sorry guys it's just too personal. Plus I'm sure that no one would want to hear about it anyways.

Tony said the cutest thing to me today “wow you look like you've lost weight” I was like really? He was like that really cheered you up huh? I went of course it did ^_^ So that makes me happy because lately since my period I've been feeling icky and stuff plus fat so hearing that just totally made my day, no WEEK!

Well I am off to write at least one letter so it'll go out tomorrow. Take care all or at least relax on the couch watching some tv and take some “me time” since I haven't been getting much of that lately.

Take care all

by: autumn_mist @ juicy_grapes

PS: I've read all the entries that were made since the last time I was around here reading as well as commented on most of them. if I didn't comment, doesn't mean that I didn't read it as I'm sure some of you just read mine & don't comment either so you understand what I'm saying now ^_^ 


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