update time again is here, aren't you happy?

Published September 19, 2007 by sadistickitten

I have a few things that I got recently that I want to post but I have a cat in my lap so I can't right now but I will make a picture soon and this post will even have a newly updated picture of me ^_^ I know you're all soo exciting huh?  I figured it's been awhile, I haven't before now because the old camera I didn't know how to set the timer (Tony hates to take pictures of me, don't ask me why I have no clue) and my new one I know how to do because I fooled around and found it.  ^_^ 

I wrote all my letters that I needed to then I got in liana's letter in the mail today ^_^ which is cool because all my others went out or at least they were finished after the mail came today.  I finished tonight Linda's which will go out tomorrow some time whenever the hell I get up, hopefully early but if I keep sleeping wrong I won't be getting up early.  Also, Nilofer's letter came back 😦 stupid assholes at the post office said “insufficent address” wtf?  I had EVERYTHING on there that needed to be on there too.  I don't get it, it really pisses me off.  But I added new postage to another letter and it'll go out tomorrow SORRY about that girly, hopefully doesn't take you long to get it this time again.  *lol*

 I'm still reading “the starter wife” and I'm on chapter 13 which looks like it's less than half way through the book so that's a good sign right?!  I am really exciting to see the series that they had on tv, because I want to see how closely related to the book it really is.  I saw bits and pieces of it when it was on tv but I plan to watch at least one or two episode of it (if not the whole thing) when I finish the book.  

Went to Target today because we needed to pick some things up as well as we needed to get out of the house for a few hours or so.  I used my gift cards that I had been saving up for this trip and I got a few HK items that Julia told me about as well as a few other things.  I won't show you what else I got (in that picture post) because I might give some of it to a pen pal of mine and I don't want them to know what it is.  Wanted to go around and look for more HK items but Tony wasn't feeling too good then, he's been upset over his site and people not coming back after they've won from his site 😦 too bad.

Came home, watched family guy while eating supper then ended up writing to Linda and spent some time with Tony since he was needing some nuturing after all that he's been going through, which worked because he seems to be doing much better than he was before.  Too bad he wasn't feeling better when we went to Target 😦 oh while we were there, we got Princess a new scratching post (the other one has staples coming out of it, I almost hurt myself on it…she's brutal with her scratching) and this one is awesome.  Matches our color scheme much better than the other one and she loves it because it's new and it's got cat nip in it ^_^ hee hee too cute when she was going after it, I took videos of her going crazy.

Tony's going to go to foxwoods while the wpt is in town and I'll be staying here so he can concentrate better because I guess I don't help him play better, something about having to worry about me or whatever.  Oh well, he's going to bring the laptop with him & maybe even my camera (unless he buys one for himself before hand) and when he does buy that (if and when) he'll get my nintendo ds lite at the same time because that way he can save on shipping $.  I decided to buy that HK pjs set after all and I bought the one for $15 instead of the one for $20 because they had one big so it'll be huge but comfy ^_^

I'm sooo an impatient person!!!!  Tony said that he'd get me the nintendo ds lite but I want it NOW.  I just bought the holder for it at Target since I wanted to use my gc's on it.  Now I want it soo very badly, I plan to buy brain age 1 & 2 when he orders my nintendo system so that way I'll have it in time.  I haven't seen another deal where I can get buy one get one free, they no longer have that at circuit city 😦 anymore….DAMN!  I knew that I should've bought it then.  But amazon has it is if I buy brain age 1 I can get the other one for 34 dollars instead of 39 like everywhere else.  Toys R Us are doing buy 2 games & get a 3rd one free but I don't really see any that I like so make it worth it.  😦 oh well…..
Well I'll let you all go, I have to read before I go to bed ^_^

by: kandysmindfreak


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