spoiled kids are trouble

Published September 17, 2007 by sadistickitten

I forgot to put this in the post about my sister, I just thought of it now. 

My sister was good this time, no drama BUT her daughter on the other hand *rolls eyes* is annoying!!!  She was trying to be all cute with us but I'm immune to cuteness ^_^ at least from a child.  She was a spoiled brat!!!  Elizabeth wanted EVERYTHING that you had even if she already got something from my sister.  What a brat!!  She came to everyone's plate to steal chips, come on now if that was a cat she's be punished.   But since it's not, it's a different story.  To shut her up, you know what they did?!  They gave her it.  That is NOT the way to go.  And here Jason's “trying” to act all adult *rolls eyes* as if he's trying to protest what she's doing when clearly they don't care.  She gets away with bloody murder and they don't give a shit or bat an eye.  Now tell me, why would I want to be there for hours on end and deal with her?!  hhhhmmm I wonder!  Sickening!

And you know what Tony said later?!   She's going to be a spoiled little brat and trouble when she gets older yah I know she already is.  That poor child is going to be fucked up for life.  See, I told you that my parents never should've had kids.  Isn't that a form of child abuse?  She's like, the child always wants to eat (no offense to others but) my sister and Jason aren't skinny or even thin so yah no wonder she's always hungry.  She'll turn out just like my sister 😦 icky.  Because they're always feeding her, I don't see how they just don't tell her no and then give it to her anyways.  Yah that's a great way to teach a kid.  Then she wonders why I don't come on.  hhhmm I wonder huh?  Sickening.  Proof that my sister NEVER should've had kids til she had a game plan. 


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