they go by fast now adays

Published September 16, 2007 by sadistickitten

Hhhhhmmm let's see what's new with me???  Not too much lately and I actually like that.  I hate being too busy and not having enough time to myself.  No offense to having plans and all but there are days when you just want to relax and kick back without having to do everything every freakin' day icky.  I finished all the letters to people like I said in the last post that I made.  I have been plugging along with my book “the starter wife” and I'm getting there so that's good.  

Been asking Tony what he wants for christmas since I already know what I want (keep adding new things to my amazon wishlist of games that I want in the future for my nintendo ds) and I can NOT wait to get mine ^_^ but he has no clue other than a book by the full tilt gang.  He's not one for wanting gifts really but I can't just give him something that cost 25 dollars with shipping and him buy me something for 130.  Sure it's ok he pays more since he's making more than me but I want to buy something at least one more thing that he might want.  Men are sooo hard to shop for!

Saw my sister yesterday for her birthday and we were the first ones there.  It was actually amazing to me because I figured that at least someone else would be there.  I thought that they'd cancelled since it was pouring earlier in the day but I was wrong.  We were there for a while before anyone else showed up.  Told that other than us, it was Alison, Matt and my parents that's it.  The other people had plans or had already seen my sister for her birthday.  Alison and Matt showed up around 12:30pmish, we already started eating since Tony and I were hungry (after all it was 12pm what did they want?).  

EDIT:  My sister was good this time, no drama BUT her daughter on the other hand *rolls eyes* is annoying!!!  She was trying to be all cute with us but I'm immune to cuteness ^_^ at least from a child.  She was a spoiled brat!!!  Elizabeth wanted EVERYTHING that you had even if she already got something from my sister.  What a brat!!  She came to everyone's plate to steal chips, come on now if that was a cat she's be punished.   But since it's not, it's a different story.  To shut her up, you know what they did?!  They gave her it.  That is NOT the way to go.  And here Jason's “trying” to act all adult *rolls eyes* as if he's trying to protest what she's doing when clearly they don't care.  She gets away with bloody murder and they don't give a shit or bat an eye.  Now tell me, why would I want to be there for hours on end and deal with her?!  hhhhmmm I wonder!  Sickening! 

My parents didn't show up til after 2pm because they “claimed” that they were running late.  Whatever, that's totally typical with them and we called their cellphones as well as their home phone but they didn't pick up.  My mom also “claimed” well we got a call but we couldn't see your phone number *rolls eyes* nice excuse mom, you're filled with them aren't you?  Ughs.  

Anyhoo, I gave my sister some small things that we had plus a kit of shopaholic soaps and stuff that I had lieing around that I was never going to use so I figured why not get it for her.  It was cute enough, plus my sister always give me crap for gifts.  No I am not being mean but she gives me stuff like no one wants.  They do the same thing for my parents and they spend  A LOT of her gifts.  Not only that but whenever she gives gifts to Pauline/John, Alison/Matt they're always more expensive, much more than my sister and Jason can afford.  I don't get her, let's spend more on people that don't really care for her, but screw my own family.  Wtf?  At least I give her gifts that are good not crap ones like she gives me.  I got these ugly ass earrings last year for my birthday :(~ I don't even wear them they're sooo horrible looking.

My dad actually said that I looked good the other day ^_^ that made me feel good YAY.  Today, I just basically relaxed and watched some dawson's creek while Tony played paintball and came back later on.  Ate supper together, later watched the patriots game (at least most of it) then 4400.  Now I'm here, I'm going to go and get ready for bed now.  My cramps are acting up again 😦 so I need to get off and relax.  Take care all.  Plus Tony's going to play this game and he's off to bed too.  







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