my parents suck and so does my sister

Published September 10, 2007 by sadistickitten

As sure you know because you read my blogs but after talking with Chrisie, I just thought of why I can't stand Elizabeth or even bothering to see her, deal with her or even be around her anymore.  I wish my sister never had any kids and that way things would be better right now.  I know she's my niece and all, I do love her but what I don't like is how my sister/bro in law treats her.

Now, before you start to think that I mean they're malesting her no that's NOT the issue here, but it's close.  They way that they treat her is totally spoiled and bratty.  My sister once said to me “well they did something right because turned out alright” and I replied with “that doesn't make mom & dad good role models” and she said “why do you mean it doesn't?” 

Basically saying that our parents were good role models.  Wtf? Excuse me, but with my parents that phrase should never be uttered.  She wouldn't know anyways she was NEVER home.  I got all the abuse from the both of them (my dad used to hit us when we were bad but then started punishing me for EVERYTHING when I told ONE single lie, I still think that's unfair) growing up.  She only got her whole life to be spoiled then I got yelled at every time I did something even when I was over a friends house for the night.

My parents used to wonder why I never had many of my friends over (not that I really had any) but still, could you really blame me?  I had/have the worst mother in the world (sure others are bad but still), did your mother ever tell you “I wish you were never born” she NEVER told my sister that JUST ME! 

Ok that's all I'm going to say. 


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