more tenants RANT POST!

Published September 10, 2007 by sadistickitten

Well finally there are more tenants that are living upstairs, I'm not happy about it but oh well.  I just hope that these girls (think there's two of them) keep it quiet or we were told by the landlords to let them know.  Meaning ALL pen pals please be sure to put APARTMENT B on ALL letters or anything else that you might send me.  I want my mail to get to me not go to others that it's not for.

I told Tony about that and now he's all being an assshole to me because the two girls were getting out of their car and I put the mail in the slot (put it in the landlord's since it was looking like rain) and the girls gave me such a look. Tony's like “people always give you looks” and I'm like you should talk, you're the reason that we might have to get a gun. Wtf?  What an asshole, sometimes I truly hate men!  It's ok for him to cause drama and problems but when I say ANYTHING I'm the one in the wrong.

Just like my mom said that private places do not have to say no smoking…umm yes they do!  Doesn't she understand that in MA they have to have all places where people go to have to be smoke free.  They had a few pubs and bars that said “no smoking” was mandintory due to the law that was passed because of the fact that they are open to the others coming in.  GESH!  People are so freakin' stupid!


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