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Published September 9, 2007 by sadistickitten

Whoa!! It's been awhile since I last updated this well other than small entries that I put in here about different things but other than that nothing telling you how I've been and such. So here's my update….

What have I been up to?! Well for one, I have been finishing off “Sam & Max: Season 1” game that Tony bought me for an early anniversary gift (can you believe it's been TWO years since him and I have been married?! I can't believe it myself!) and I got him a subscription to a computer magazine that he wanted.

Other than finishing up the game, I wrote a lot of letters!!! I have finished Beth's letter and hers will go out tomorrow, I am currently working on Marie's which will take some time due to all the stuff that I need to talk about, hope she can wait awhile for that.

I know I said “I won't be buying anything HK for a long time” BUT I saw the collection of HK items that I have on my wishlist over @ that it was half off so I said why not? It's not on my credit card this time, it's on my debit card/credit card (I use it as a credit card because I get points when I use it that way) so it's not like I put it on my credit card so no interest. After this, I won't be buying anything and it was under $20 so it's not like I spent 30+.

Speaking of HK, Julia made a post about finding HK things ^_^ YAY she didn't want any money for it but I told her to request from my gallery 5 things as well as whatever else she wants plus her 3 for this week. The next freebie that I'll put up will be with her name on it, even if she doesn't like the HK one *LOL* It's sooo adorably sweet of her to give it to me too. YAY I have THE greatest friends ever. I am lucky to have everyone that I have on my list and pen pals as well.

I made a few new icons (*points to one made with post*) and another freebie for userinfosadistic_treats which I need to work another one soon but I have yet to figure it out. I have an idea going on what others said about the last one I think I know what I'll put up. I also have another HK blinkie that I'll put up after this post since I just made it the other day. I like the idea of having a gallery for others to request from plus a freebie community where I can post all my stuff at. It's really neat! ^_^ I was thinking about becoming a maker in another community but I haven't decided yet….

I haven't really done anything too exciting lately, I like staying at home and not going to places where I have to deal with a lot of fake people and just dumbness. This Saturday, we're heading to my sister's for her birthday party which will indeed be a dramatic event like always but I figured since we haven't seen them in awhile it might be nice. mom just told me that Elizabeth is already acting like she's 2 *rolls eyes* just fuckin' great. I pick THE worst time to go down and see them, my luck I must tell you.

Oh well, at least we can stay for a little while then leave part way in and if we miss her unwrapping the gifts. I hate seeing that, it's ridiculous. My mom tries to out do Pauline & vice versa, it's rather disgusting. I'd rather just have my immediate family than the whole block at my house (my sister invites EVERYONE it's rather pathetic). Why does she invite everyone? Well you see my sister is what you'd call “materialistic bitch” which is totally opposite of me. I hate those types of girls. She wants to get as many gifts as she can because she wants more and more gifts, sickening.

It's a birthday not a fuckin' wedding!!! Sorry that just drives me crazy about her. Whenever they have Elizabeth's 2nd birthday party, I'll just make plans to do something else because I told my sister I will NOT be going to all of her birthday parties. I love my niece but I don't need to be there when she turns 3, 4, 5, etc. I'll be there at the big events like when she turns 10, or when she turns 16 (if she wants a birthday party with her family that year) but that's about it. Who really sees their family that much? Plus, I'm not a kid person so hearing and seeing her cry or scream and stuff every year or twice or three times a year not for me.

Well that's about it. I think I'm going to finish up the HK freebie and then work on another freebie to post for userinfosadistic_treats and then write to Marie before the show starts. Take care all & hope you're having a good weekend.

by: userinfosadistic_kitten @ userinfosadistic_treats


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