the rest of my day went like this….

Published September 4, 2007 by sadistickitten

Since my big blow up earlier, I am doing much better!! ^_^ Happy to tell you. What's new???? Hmmm well after the blow out, I went back to the laundry mat (saw her and Tony told understood what I meant when I said that I saw her) and got our clothes. Tony actually helped me because I have been so supportive about things going on with him lately and the site, etc. Plus there was a lot of laundry due to things needing to get washed (i.e. towels needed changing since it's summer and all) that normally don't get washed all the time. Since I had to use the crappy dryers, we had to wait for the towels to get done because if I put them away wet or put them on the bed it takes forever. Folded the clothes while waiting and Tony read the paper.

Brought the mail in earlier and I didn't get any letters 😦 but I do have 2 other letters that I need to write to. I send out my letter to Trina earlier today when I was hoping for my HK order (post picture soon) but instead nothing was out there. I did finally get my order ^_^ I took pictures of it and I'll post it probably after this one but it'll have a few other things that I've gotten in the past few weeks/months. I'm still trying to figure out a freebie for userinfosadistic_treats but I haven't come up with anything as of yet. I do have another freebie up right now not sure how many people will request it. So far, I have only 2 people it's from my community sadisticjenn but still. I am frustrated with sam and max at the momen since I can't figure out how to get past a certain part so I've been playing sims 2 as well as writing my letters and filling requests for my communities. I have a few to fill right now but I want to come up with a new blinkie first before I go and fill another request. I think I have a good idea just not sure how it'll work out.

Watched poker earlier and now Tony's playing a tourney not sure how it'll go but I'm hoping it'll go well ^_^ We're now also saving some $ by using up the toothpaste samples that I've been getting (got about 10 of them so that should last up for a few months or so) as well as I'll be using up all the face creams, shamp/cond, washes, etc. before buying anymore which will help us to stretch the $ even more. I still have to do a few things on my “to do list” but after this entry, I think I'll do some of those so I can get them done and out of the way. I am coming back to my lazy ways again and I don't like it. But I think it's just the heat that's making me feel like crap!

If you've made a post today/tonight I haven't read them yet I've been trying to get my letter out for tomorrow plus I need to do my stuff that I just talked about so I'll read/comment on your blogs/journals tomorrow ok? Cool!! Well I'm off to cut princess' matted pieces of fur (lucky for me she's only got one or two) and cut her claws. Take care and have a good night.

by: userinfokandysmindfreak @ userinfokandys_land

PS: In other news,


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